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Chap 14 Western Civ

Study Questions

All of the following are true of Europe's population growth between 1470 and 1620 EXCEPT it caused the decline of the wool trade as pastures became cropland.
Europe's economic expansion was fueled by all of the following EXCEPT government's stabilizing influence on the financial markets
Which of the following business concepts originated during this period? the business firm as an entity independent of its owner
During the sixteenth century, all of the following followed from the commercial revolution EXCEPT private charity was rapidly mobilized and proved sufficient to solve the problem.
The most widely shared motivation behind the voyages of exploration and conquest was the quest for control of new lands and riches.
The Portuguese empire was all of the following EXCEPT the dominant colonial power in Brazil, Central America, and Mexico.
The Spanish empire was all of the following EXCEPT established almost bloodlessly and maintained with minimal disruption of the Native Americans' lives.
The Europeans needed to bring black African slaves to America because millions of Native Americans died from disease and mistreatment after they were conquered
Exploration and colonization brought all of the following benefits to Europe EXCEPT economic expansion alleviated the poverty of Europe's lower classes.
The "new monarchs" that were so successful in accumulating and centralizing power ruled over England, France, and Spain.
Henry VII increased the authority of the royal Council.
At the end of the Hundred Years' War, the key to the French monarchy's power was its standing army
Louis XI's most notable achievement was the destruction of Burgundy
Which of the following Valois kings accomplished the most during his reign? Francis I
Ferdinand and Isabella followed all of the following policies while uniting Spain EXCEPT using viceroys to create a uniform administration in all parts of the realm
Machiavelli's works were so radically original because he was the first to analyze how power works
The main locus of power in the Holy Roman Empire was the princes
The nobles of Hungary did all of the following EXCEPT give up their German lands to gain Habsburg support
The Italian wars highlighted the weakness of city-states relative to national states
The essential innovation of Italian diplomacy was the resident ambassador.
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