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6th gr ch 18 vocab

Social Studies Vocab-ch 18

underground layers of ore sandwiched between rock lode
a type of rock that can contain gold found underground ore
citizens who take the law into their own hands vigilante
boomtowns that became deserted ghost towns
financial aid and land grants from the government subsidy
to span or go across the continent transcontinental
land not fenced or divided into lots open range
a symbol brand
a Hispanic ranch hand vaquero
to earn ownership of land by settling on it homestead
a farmer in the Plains where there is little rain sodbuster
to plant seeds deep in the ground where there is moisture dry farming
to settle in one place for only part of the year nomadic
a tract of land set aside for Native Americans reservation
the first network of local self-help organizations for farmers National Grange
a political party developed to appeal to the common Populist Party
a store where farmers bought products from one another cooperative
the unlimited production of silver coins free silver
year Civil War ended 1865
reason people wanted to move out west free land
reason people wanted to move out west gold
reason people wanted to move out west transcontinental railroad
completion of transcontinental railroad 1864
where transcontinental railroad met Promoatory Point, UT
the train companies of Transcontinental Railroad Pacific Central and Union
Which workers did the hardest work on the Transcontinental Railroad Chinese
What was the tragedy of the transcontinental railroad? many died
What was the triumph of the Transcontinental Railroad? they completed it
Homestead Act 1862
gave 160 free acres of land to a settler who paid a filing fee and lived on the land for five years Homestead Act
Challenges that the Plains farmer faced climate, dryness of land, and grasshoppers
Why were the buffalo killed? the would get in the way of trains and people shot them
Dawes Act 1887
to eliminate Native American culture Dawes Act
a Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer
Custer's last stand Battle of Little Bighorn
who was Sitting Bull? Chief of Sioux
How did Sitting Bull die? in a scuffle
he said, "I will fight no more forever" Chief Joseph
what did Chief Joseph say to Congress I want peace and all men are equal
when was the armed conflict between the Native Americans and the US Army? 1890
what was the conflict between the Native Americans and the US Army called? Battle of Wounded Knee
Why couldn't Native Americans and settlers live together? Americans through they were savage
Why couldn't Native Americans and settlers live together? did not want to compromise
Why couldn't Native Americans and settlers live together? uncivilized
Created by: fhershey