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Chap13 Western Civ

Study Questions

The two traditions about how sinful human beings can gain salvation are church ritual and individual faith
In the late medieval period, lay people sought a more personal religious experience through all EXCEPT joining religious orders in unprecedented numbers.
All of the following eroded the prestige of the late medieval papacy EXCEPT the successes of the Ottoman Turks.
New religious ideas were spread in all of the following ways EXCEPT sermons by the clergy.
The Christian humanists attempted to use humanist techniques in the service of religion by retranslating and reanalyzing the Bible to understand it more accurately
Erasmus wanted a revival of purer faith without rejecting the traditional authority of the Church.
Martin Luther's basic problem was that he felt a righteous God would never forgive his sins.
The pope excommunicated Luther because he rejected the pope's authority and the validity of the sacraments.
Luther's last major act of reform was to translate the Bible into German so ordinary people could read it for themselves.
Popular enthusiasm for Luther's revolt was demonstrated by all of the following EXCEPT radical preachers began calling for Lutheranism to be institutionalized as the empire's state church.
By the 1550s, what percentage of the Holy Roman Empire had embraced Lutheranism? approximately half
Luther's doctrine of the equality of all believers in the eyes of God had all of the following effects EXCEPT it originated independent and pioneering behavior among Europeans.
Zwingli and Luther agreed on all of the following issues EXCEPT the symbolic meaning of the sacraments of baptism and communion.
The Melchiorite Anabaptists at M√ľnster did all of the following EXCEPT forcibly rebaptize all citizens.
Calvinism was well adapted to struggle against Catholicism for all the following reasons EXCEPT its tenets were left vague, so different congregations could adapt them to local conditions.
Henry VIII separated the English Church from Rome to get a divorce
The pre-existing strengths of the Catholic Church included all of the following EXCEPT clearly defined doctrines
The Council of Trent accomplished all of the following EXCEPT updating the version of the Bible accepted as authoritative.
The most common contribution of women to the Counter-Reformation was through founding new orders
Which of the following was a core element of Ignatius Loyola's new order? rigorous educational preparation
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