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Chap12 WesternCiv

Study Questions

Renaissance Humanism emphasized all of the following EXCEPT rejecting religious rituals, institutions, and beliefs
Petrarch felt that the ultimate importance of studying the ancients was that it would enable people to imitate them, and thereby become more virtuous.
Boccaccio's masterpiece, The Decameron, is notable because it portrayed ordinary characters and dealt frankly with the subject of sex, creating new aims in Western literature.
As Humanism spread, it had an impact in the form of all of the following EXCEPT a political philosophy that caused the decline of despotism and rise of democracy.
The Neoplatonists changed Humanism by emphasizing all of the following EXCEPT the irreconcilability of divergent truths.
Masaccio, Donatello, and Brunelleschi found inspiration for their works in the city of Rome
The High Renaissance brought to a climax the artistic trends begun a century before.
Raphael was a master of perspective. Which of the four masters of High Renaissance art was Europe's most sought-after portraitist? Titian
How did people view earlier artists such as Masaccio differently than Leonardo and other High Renaissance artists? Earlier artists were essentially seen as craftsmen, whereas later artists were viewed as greatly prized members of society, with high status.
Northern culture differed from Italian because the percentage of townspeople was far lower in the North.
Around 1500, northern Europe contained the chief center of music
The chief change in late medieval Scholasticism was a focus on the way we describe things rather than on the reality of things
Marsilius of Padua based his critique of Church power on the nominalist position that the Church is made up of the sum of its parts, and thus the true power lies among its members
The popes responded to their financial problems with all of the following measures EXCEPT drastically reducing papal expenses by adopting a cult of virtuous poverty
By the end of the Great Schism, everyone in Europe had been excommunicated
What was the goal of the conciliarists? They wanted a new constitution that would confirm the supremacy of a general council, which would limit the pope's authority
Late medieval mysticism emphasized the interior experience of communion with God
Lay piety involved all of the following EXCEPT that the Church's suppression of transubstantiation was not valid.
Ultimately the Hussites were allowed to establish a special church, but further demands for reform were rejected
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