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Social Studies Unit2

Plessy v. Ferguson "Separate" facilities for African Americans and whites were constitutional as long as they were equal
Freedmen's Bureau Agency helped freed African Americans start new lives
Fredrick Douglass Abolitionist leader who had once been enslaved. Fought for the adoption of the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments.
White Supremacy Idea that white people were superior to other races
Andrew Johnson President to replace Lincoln
Civil Right Acts President Andrew vetoed it
Freedmen Bureau's Bill rights for African Americans
Reconstruction Act The time period after the Civil War in which the South was rebuilt
Jim Crow Laws African Americans and whites had different rights
13th Amendment made slavery illegal in the Us and its territories
14th Amendment granted citizenship to everyone born in the US except Native Americans
15th Amendment ensured all citizens the right to vote regardless of race,color, or previous condition of servitude or enslavement
Compromise of 1877 Hayes had to remove the Union soldiers from the South and the white Southerners had to promise to uphold the rights of African Americans
Booker T. Washington African American teacher and founded the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama
W.E.B Du Boise An educator, author, and co-founded the NAACP
Process for readmitting Confederate States to the Union Swear loyalty to the Union and each state had to ratify the Thirteenth amendment
Discrimination unfair difference in the way people are treated
Tenant someone who pays rent
Carpetbaggers northerners who went to the south
Impeach to charge an official with wrongdoing
Scalawags Southerners who cooperated with Northerners and African Americans usually for personal gain
Pardon forgive
Sharecropping someone who pays crops as rent
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