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Tran SS Test Answers

SS Test Answers for Mr.Tran's class 2017-18

A physical map is mainly used to show . landforms and bodies of water
A majority of people who live in towns located on the coast of Latin America most likely would be involved in fishing
What impact have the Andes and Rocky Mountains had on human activity? Often served as a barrier to trade and communication
Civilizations differ from culture groups because only civilizations have job specialization, writing systems, and cities
The regions of the Western Hemisphere include: North America, Mesoamerica, Caribbean, South America
Which of the following best completes the statement? Within a market economy, corporations decide: how a product will be produced
The goal of the North American Free Trade Agreement is to increase cooperation in trade among the United States, Canada, and Mexico
Brazil exports coffee beans, bananas, and timber to countries around the world. This practice illustrates: interdependence
Which of the following describes democracies in Canada, United States, and Mexico? Free elections, written Bill of Rights, and a judicial system
The Prime Minister and the President of the United States are both . indirectly elected by the people
One way Canada and the United States are similar is that both have a voting age of 18 and over
In which order, from earliest to latest, did the following of the Western Hemisphere occur? Crossing Bering (Beringia) Bridge, Spanish Conquest, Signing the Declaration of Independence, Ending of Slavery in the Western Hemisphere
Which of the above events proved that the Aztecs were highly developed engineers? Causeways built with canals
A patriotic holiday celebrated by the peoples of Canada, United States, and Mexico is Independence Day
An area known today as the country of Canada was colonized in the early 1700s mainly by England
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