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6th SS Ch 3 Sec 4

6th Grade social studies Chapter 2 section 4

Northern route to Asia Northwest Passage
Italian explorer who sailed for France Verrazano
Verrazano landed near North Carolina then continued North to discover New York Bay
Verrazano searched many bays along the_____ in search of the Northwest Passage Northeast Coast
Verrazano made ___ trips to America
Explorer sent by France to look for Northwest Passage and Gold Jacques Cartier
Cartier 1st trip found the mouth of ____ and claimed for France St. Lawerence River
Cartier 2nd trip went up the St Lawerence River and saw fish that looked like Horses
Cartier eventually reach modern day Montreal
Cartier 3rd trip teaches modern Quebec
This explorer made ___ Voyages 4
Hudson 1st trip made it to Greenland and went further north through the Arctic Ocean
Hudson 3rd voyage paid for by the Dutch EastIndia Company (Holland)
Hudson spends a month exploring rivers in New York
Hudson named a river after Himself
Claimed this for the Dutch Hudson Valley
Hudson took last voyage and sailed the Northern coast of North America to Hudson Bay
Hudson spent 3 months exploring Hudson bay and in in November his ship Freezes in the ice all winter
Hudson and 8 crew members set sail in a little board and were never seen again
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