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Vocabulary 2-1

CC 2 Reading 2.1

disparate markedly different; distinct in quality or character
Colombian Exchange the transfer of animals, plants and diseases between Europe and the Americas--the diseases wiped out Indian tribes in the Americas
monarchy government ruled by a king or queen
ravage to destroy; ruin; plunder
tenuous rare, flimsy, slender
culture total way of life by a group of people
decimate to destroy a large part of a group or place; to destroy at least 10 percent
Huguenots French Protestants
privateer an armed private ship commissioned to raid the ships of an enemy
encomienda system Indian slave labor used by the Spanish
mission a place where monks, friars, or priests spread their Catholic Christian beliefs
plummet to fall sharply or abruptly; plunge
imperative not to be avoided or evaded; expressing a command
plunder to rob openly by force; pillage
atrocity the quality or state of being savage, wicked, brutal, or cruel
humanitarian a person who promotes human welfare, social reform, and human rights
malice the intention of doing harm
Black legend rumor, used by the English, to describe how horrible the Spanish were to Native Americans; it drew upon religious differences (Catholic Spain and Protestant England) and political rivalries (England vs. Spain)
benevolent kindly; having or showing goodwill
subsidize to aid or furnish with a grant, gift, subsidy, or money
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