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Chap. 3-Lundquist

Ruler of a nation monarchs
A system for ranking people class structure
Someone who travels to a new land to persuade others to believe in a particular religion missionary
Long period without rain drought
Gives money to a business hoping to earn more money in return investor
A crop raised for sale, not to use by the people who farm it cash crop
A person who goes on a religious journey pilgrim
Someone who agrees to work without pay for someone else for a set time indentured servant
Special legislative body that made laws and decisions for the colony House of Burgesses
Pilgrims wrote a compact, or agreement, about how the would govern themselves Mayflower Compact
The business of buying and selling goods commerce
The Spanish settlers were supposed to ________________the Native Americans____________ teach Christianity
The main thing the Timucua received from the Spanish was: they maintained the right to govern themselves
The Native Americans were expected to repay the settlers _____ways. 3
The ways the Native Americans were expected to repay the settlers were with: free labor, gold and silver, and crops and other goods
After the first year, ____________became the leader in Jamestown. John Smith
The colonial government outlawed festivals. They also____________________precious religious icons such as Kachina dolls, ceremonial masks, and prayer sticks. seized and destroyed
The___________________ended with about 400 Spanish men, women, and children being killed. Pueblo Revolt
____________resolved to confront the violence of the colonists with violence of his own. Pope
The__________________overworked Native American workers. Spainards
The Puritans also founded ________________to train church leaders. Harvard College
Pocahontas was part of the _________________tribe. She helped John Smith when he was a prisoner. Powhatan
____________________________married Pocahontas. The marriage helped keep peace between the English and Powhatans. John Rolfe
Why is the colony of Roanoke a mystery? John White, the colony's leader left to go to England,, but when he returned, all of the settlers were gone. It became known as the Lost Island.
How did the Virginia Company work? Investors paid for shares in the company then they formed three ships to take people to Virginia. They formed a colony at Jamestown.
What were the instructions for the colonists when constructing Jamestown? They were told how to build houses along the river and get along with the Native Americans.
Why did the Wampanoag and Pilgrims get along despite their differences? The Pilgrims said they would help them in war and the Wampanoag said they would help them grow crops and catch fish.
What did the Puritans believe strongly in? They believed in religion and in being good role models. They also believed in education to help make their faith strong.
By the mid 1600's, what countries were starting to colonize in North America? Spain, England, France, and the Netherlands
What do the Spanish colonists and the English colonists have in common with moving to New Spain and New England? They both came for religious reasons
How were French relationships with Native Americans in New France different than the Spanish relationships with Native Americans in New Spain? The French relied on the Native Americans for trade. They worked together.
Created by: Mrs. Logan
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