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West & Immigration


• Hope for better opportunities • Desire for religious freedom • Escape from oppressive governments • Desire for adventure Reasons why immigration increased
Which city was the center of the meat packing industry? Chicago
Which city was the center of the steel industry? Pittsburgh
Immigration to America from other ____ grew and developed cities. countries
Movement of Americans from _____ to _____ areas for _____ opportunities grew and developed cities. rural to urban areas for job
Settlement house __________ was founded by __________. Hull House , Addams
What gained power by attending to the needs of new immigrants? Political Parties
Overcrowded tenements and ghettos were challenges faced by _______. cities
He used political machines to get jobs and housing for immigrants. Boss Tweed
Which two immigration groups faced discrimination? Irish, Chinese
A group that controls the activities of a political party, especially in the cities of the late 19th century political machine
A person who leaves one country to travel to and settle in another country immigrant
Political machines are an example of _____ and caused challenges for cities. corruption
Both _____ and _____ led to overcrowded immigrant neighborhoods and _____. industrialization & urbanization & ghettos
Run-down apartment buildings found in cities; often where immigrants lived tenement
Usually a poor section of a city where members of immigrant groups settled Ghetto
Opportunities for land ownership, technological advances, wealth, desire for adventure, and new beginnings are all examples of_____. reasons for increased Westward Expansion?
Railroad line completed in 1869 that linked the east and west coasts of the US and helped to move people, products, and raw materials across the continent Transcontinental Railroad
Massacre of the Lakota at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the U.S. state of South Dakota by the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment Battle of Wounded Knee
During which battle did General Custer and his men get killed? Battle little Bighorn
Apache warrior and leader who led his band of warriors in fierce raids against the settlers Geronimo
Lakota American Indian leader who fought against the US Army in the Sioux War of 1876 Sitting Bull
Nez Perce chief who led his people in a flight to avoid being sent to a reservation by the army Chief Joseph
Traditionally peaceful American Indian tribe that was forced to fight against and to flee from the US Army Nez Perce
Reduction of the _____ herds was used in an attempt to assimilate and create lifestyle changes for the __________. buffalo, American Indians
American Indian lands were reduced through broken _____ treaties
Why did the U.S. government take American Indian children and send them to boarding schools? To assimilate them by changing thier language and lifestyle.
Land that American Indians were forced to relocate to were called - reservations
Created by: Mrs. Estes
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