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Chap. 6 Study Guide

Questions and Answers

What spurred the second period of industrial growth in the late 1800's? Horseless Carriage
How did the spread of the telephone provide new jobs for many women? The early telephones needed an operator to connect the callers. And it was describes a fast.pace job.
What is the Great Upheaval? The increasing time of more and more strikes.
What did wealthy industrialists believe that the rich had a responsibility to do with their money? Control
What is made up of organizers raising money by selling partial ownership of a company to stockholders? Corporation
What did Thomas Edison do to go into the invention business? He created the Telegraph.
What did the Sherman Antitrust Act outlaw? It outlawed all monopolies and trusts that restrained trade.
what spurred the development of the horseless carriage? Oil
Why was Mary Harris Jones called "the most dangerous woman in America"? She claimed her place was “wherever there is a fight”. She led marches and strikes, and continued to fight til she was 100 years old.
When does a trust become a monopoly? When a trust gains exclusive control of an industry.
What led many workers to organize labor unions? The Knights of Labor
Were women and children paid more than white males? No they were paid half of what white males get.
What was the raw material needed to process steel? Iron Ore
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