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LAp 4 test

past tw

led to exploration stimulated trade increased power of monarchs positive impacts of the crusades
banking was adopted because it was easier to travel without gold
new farming technology led to population growth
Which of the following was part of the commercial revolution? agriculture to trade; barter to money economy; from manors to cities
Banking in western europe became the domain of the? Jews
Romanesque architecture was characterized by thick walls and few windows
Western european cities were dirty; covered in poop
permission for a city to trade charter
stained glass images were used to? teach the illeterate
The impact of the crises that ended the Middle ages weakened the manor system weakened feudalism increased the power of monarchs
Crises that led to the end of the Middle Ages The Black Plague the 100 yrs war the war of the Roses
Joan of Arc fought in the 100 yrs war
characteristics of Gothic cathedrals grotesque soaring height pointed arches
serfs became what during the High Middle Ages? tenant farms
cities grew up where? trade fair took place
Middle ages art was meant to teach lessons so it was not beautiful or realistic
the war of Roses ended with a marriage btwn the 2 feuding families
the black death was caused by the spread of disease along trade routes from the East
the major impact of The Great Schism was the weakening of the church
France developed into a centralized monarchy with? absolute power
religious wars fought by European Christians to win back the Holy Land crusades
What were the positive outcomes of the Crusades? Economic: stimulated trade Political: increases power of the monarchs Education: exposed Western Europe to the advanced Eastern culture Worldview: led to exploration
The high middle ages were a time of ? economic recovery
high middle ages were characterized by agricultural revolution, revival of trade, and the growth of population
What made farming more productive? new technology; more land available they could drain swamps and clear forests
manor > 3 field system left 1 field open to not exhaust soil
the transformation of the economy commercial revolution
Banking was adopted from? the Muslims
Banking was easier and safer to ? travel without gold
banking became the domain of Jews and Jews were barred from laws and
no longer the only form of wealth and thus power land
serfs become what? tenant farmers; pay rent in cash and farming
towns and cities grew up around ? castles where trade fair takes place
a document that each city is required to have to get the kings' permission to trade charter
a new social class of non-landowners developing wealth; merchants, traders, artisans, craftspeople, peasants no longer on manors middle class
provide education and social system guilds
children given food and housing apprentince
after apprentice, journey try to become a master yourself journeyman
pay tax to the king to increase power charter
early Western European cities Negative: -crowding, dirty - no sanitation -disease -increase crime Positive: -center of learning and culture -public entertainment -cultural diffusion
Jews became the of banking? domains; because christian law forbade christians from osary and bc Jews were bard from land
influenced by Romans; solid, fortress-like churches w/thick walls and towers, small windows, arches romanesque
extreme height, new technology, and focus on light gothic
gothic churches reflects preoccupation w/ god, faith, religion
What were the three innovations that allowed for the soaring heights of Gothic cathedrals? ribbed vaults pointed arches flying buttresses
ribbed vaults pointed arches flying buttresses supports that allowed height of cathedral w/o thickness of the walls
communities will become extremely competitive in their attempts to? build the tallest cathedral
They will try to outdo each other to show their ? devotion to God
stained glass were used to? educate illiterate people w/ bible stories
How can you tell who each saint is? their attributions
they used to sculpture to teach lessons
water spouts; protect the architecture gargoyles
statues for decorative purpose grotesque
acted as "spiritual scarecrows" to warn evil away from the church building, gargoyles and grotesques
might have also been placed to ? entice the Heathen population
difference between early middle ages and high middle ages ema: feudalism politcal system manor system -> economic recovery -> money recovery hma: monarchs; kings (top of feudal hierarchy, strong military) - tax on region
- moves papal system from Rome to Avignon when Pope -has 3 popes; fight over which is the REAL pope -church looks foolish and is weakened The Great Schism
- between England and France -lasts 100 yrs; France suffers loss until Joan of Arc shifts - France wins; killed and looked up to as a martyr by French - both France and England develop strong monarchies after war the 100 yrs war
(1455-1487) - Two families fight over English crown - Lancaster is red; Yorks is white - Red v White - Henry the 7th marries Elizabeth of Yorke and marriages starts the Tudor Dynasty - Ends the war of the roses The War of Roses
- 1 in 3 Europeans will die - Arrived through via trade routes; still exists in Asia - thought it was punishment for sins and went to church for help - church had no control and did not solve anything - population decrease tech innovation, manors fall apart, people move into cities after plague is done - burned Jews at stake The Black Plague
association of people with same craft; prevents claims of master craftsmen social services lodging education assurance guilds
-strong monarchies, cities (city system), new economy survival
England v France, fight for territory, joan of arc shows up, wins battle for France, keeps them separate of power, increases power of monarchies the Black Death
Created by: fikott1
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