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Legislative Branch

Who is the upper house of Congress? Senate
Who is the lower house of Congress? House of Representatives
The Legislative Branch is made up of the United States ______. Congress
The Legislative Branch has authority to do what? Make laws for the nation.
The Legislative Branch was established in ______ of the Constitution with the creation of Congress. Article 1
What are the Agencies of the Legislative Branch? Government Printing Office, Library of Congress, Congressional Budget Office, Architect of the Capitol, General Accounting Office.
The Agencies of the Legislative Branch do what? They provide support services for Congress.
Congress is _______. Bicameral
Larger and more populated states wanted representation to be based off of what? Population
Smaller less populated states wanted representation to be what? Equal
The _________ resulted on the creation of 2 houses. Great Compromise
Which house is based on population? The House of Representatives
Which house is based on equality? The Senate
The primary duty of Congress is to do what? Write, pass, debate bills
The Constitution grants Congress _____________ in the national Government. "All Legislative powers"
Where in the Constitution is a list of Congressional Powers? Article 1 Section 8
What are some Congressional powers? Coining money, maintaining a military, declaring war on other countries, and regulating interstate and foreign commerce
Congress also controls federal ______ and ___________ policies. Taxing and spending
What is the Elastic Cause? Congress' authority to "make all laws which shall be necessary and proper.
One of the most important implied powers of Congress is what? The authority to investigate and oversee the executive branch and it's agencies.
How many Congressmen are in the House of Representatives? 435
How many years is a term in the House of Representatives? 2
You must be at least how old to be a Congressman? 25
How many years do you have to be a U.S. citizen to become a Congressman? 7
Do you have to be a resident from the state you are elected from to become a Congressman or Senator? Yes
The House has special jobs that allow it to __________. Start laws that make people pay taxes
Can a President be impeached? Yes
How many Senators are there? 100
How many Senators are in each state? 2
How many years is a term in the Senate? 6
You must be at least _____ years old to be a Senator. 30
To run for Senator you have to have been a U.S. citizen for how may years? 9
The Senate can say yes or no to any treaties or people the President assigns. True or False? True
Who is the President of the Senate? Mike Pence, Republican, 2017
Who is President Pro Tempore of the Senate? Orrin Hatch, Republican, 2015
Who are members of the Senate from Tennessee? Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker
Who is the Speaker of the House? Paul Ryan
How many Congressional Districts are in Tennessee? 9
What number is Wayne County in? 7
Who is our House representative from there? Marsha Blackburn, State house district 71
Created by: autumndi8
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