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word words
proclamation of 1763 colonists are not allowed to settle in the ohio vally
sugar act colonists are taxed on sugar and molassis
stamp act colonists must buy stamps for all printed matrrial
quartering act colonists must give British soldiers quarters or food and shelter to British soldiers
Townshend acts colonists are taxed on paint,glass,paper and tea
procamation an official government announcement
representative a person to act for others
repeal to end
declaration a public statement
revolution a sudden, complete change of government
militia an army of citizens used in emergencies
blockade an action to keep supplies from getting into or out of an area
loyalist a colonist who remand loyal to Great Britten
patriot a colonist who wanted independence from great Britten
neutral not favoring ether side in a quarrel or war
Created by: Whitedogg