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Chapter 4 notes

Henry Bessemer developed a process to make steel stronger and more affordable.
Andrew Carnegie Starts to make steel in Pittsburgh, PA. He became one of the richest men in the world.
John D Rockefeller His Oil company controlled 90% of the oil industry. He became one of the richest men in the world.
George Westinghouse Westinghouse Electric Co. -1896 Developed AC.
William Randolph Hearst Owned most of the newspapers in U.S by the 1900's
Madame C.J Walker First African American Women to become a millionaire
J.P Morgan Wealthiest and most powerful banker in the U.S. during the Industrial age.
Natural Resources From Nature not made by people Ex: iron, coal, oil,timber,water.
Human Resources people who work to produce goods and services.
Capital Resources Tools, machines, (money) that companies use to produce goods and services.
Monopoly when one company has control of an industry.
Sweatshop hot cramped workshops
Triangle Shirtwaist Copany A company in New York city where workers complained about the dangerous conditions.
Lewis Hine led the movement against child labor.
Labor Union organized groups working to gain improved working conditions.
Samuel Gompers Led Unions to join together and form the American Federation of Labor.
strike workers refuse to work and try to force businesses to meet their demands.
Mary Harris Jones helped lead the United Mine Workers in the Appalachian Mountains. She was known as 'Mother Jones'.
Labor Day created by the labor unions to honor the workers in America.
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