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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Linguistics of ASL Linguistic terms for NIC Written exam Standardized Tests 2017-10-30 Swtstems 51 38 edit
More NIC Vocab More vocab for NIC Written Standardized Tests 2017-10-30 Swtstems 51 40 edit
Acronyms for NIC Acronyms for NIC Written. Standardized Tests 2017-12-04 Swtstems 70 53 edit
Culture for NIC Deaf Culture for NIC Written Exam Standardized Tests 2017-10-30 Swtstems 17 41 edit
NAD/RID CPC Description of NAD/RID Code of Professional Conduct Standardized Tests 2015-10-06 Swtstems 7 5 edit
NAD/RID CPC quiz Quiz of NAD/RID Code of Professional Conduct Standardized Tests 2018-04-03 Swtstems 38 6 edit
FTCE Hearing Impair FTCE Hearing Impaired K-12 Unfinished 2012-06-07 Swtstems 10 0 edit
NIC Written Test RID study materials for NIC written test Standardized Tests 2018-04-10 hafagr8day 157 98 edit
NIC LAWS 2 National Interpreter Certification a few of the written test laws to know Standardized Tests 2017-12-19 1381039820 59 45 edit
NIC Module 2 SLAN101ABCD Languages 2017-01-24 Judyhorn2 45 30 edit
NIC-Perform/Inter These questions and games will all pertain to the NIC performance and interview. Languages 2016-11-07 jennkolling 8 16 edit
NIC laws laws important to Interpreters Languages 2017-01-24 lynnaldrich 34 23 edit
Professional Ed Test FTCE: Professional Education Test Standardized Tests 2018-03-04 MrsRuiz 232 5 edit
FTCE social Sciences FTCE social Sciences Unfinished 2018-07-15 jcarden73 242 4 edit
FTCE Soc Sci 6-12 Study Guide for FTCE Social Science 6 -12 Unfinished 2016-05-17 Futurelawyer85 36 2 edit
FTCE Math 6-12 FTCE Math Certification Exam Unfinished 2011-06-22 rtbrad 20 1 edit
FTCE Social Studies FTCE Exam note for Social Studies Unfinished 2008-04-02 rtbrad 10 1 edit
FTCE Soc Sci Study G FTCE Social Sci. Study guide 2 Unfinished 2010-02-04 Futurelawyer85 69 1 edit
FTCE Social Sci FTCE Social Sci Unfinished 2016-06-21 cbattery 437 3 edit
NIC federal laws The basics of federal laws with key words for memory joggers Standardized Tests 2016-11-07 1381039820 16 15 edit
NIC Prep Test Sample Test Multiple Choice Questions Standardized Tests 2016-11-07 peterdalia 65 20 edit
RID- CPC RID's Code of Professional Conduct applicable to interpreting scenarios for NIC Standardized Tests 2017-01-24 interpretermb 45 6 edit
Dalia Stack NIC Written Test Preparation Standardized Tests 2014-01-28 1486638189 5 4 edit
ASL Interpreter Exam Registry for Interpreters Written Exam - Novice Level - Utah, USA Standardized Tests 2018-06-28 LeRoseNoire 93 5 edit
EIPA Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment Unfinished 2014-04-22 Jamtastica 110 1 edit

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