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western civ alex gre

what did the geography of Greece have to do with the development of greek culture they traded a lot and had no farmland
what was the oracle of delphi and what did you get when you visited the oracle a prophecy
after the trojan war, what group of people became the dominant group in greece dorians
what were the greek dark ages and what did they forget to do 400 years and to write
what cultural influences did the mycenaeans and the minoans share architecture art and religion
what is the meaning of the words polis citystate
acropolis building on top of a hill
who was the greatest storyteller of ancient greece and what two major books did he write homer-- iliad and odyssey
what ancient greek tyrant's law reforms were very strict and supposedly written in blood draco
who was wolon and what was he known for his efforts to legislate against political, economic and moral decline
helots servants- did the jobs the spartans didn't want to do
phalanx battle formation
aristocracy noble people
oligarchy few leaders in power
monarchy ruled by a king or queen
who wrote the history of the persian wars herodotus
what started the persian wars persians invaded india- supported by athens
main battle that defined the first persian war marathon
battle of salamis was a naval battle, what happened to the persian forces sunk by the rams on the front of ships
who was pericles and what did he do for athens strengthen democracy- strengthen and expand empire
what was the delian league group to prevent further invasion
what started the peloponnesian war who won sparta being resentful of athens- sparta
during the peloponnesian wars, what killed 1/3 of athens plague
who was socrates father of western philosophy
what happened to socrates he was poisoned by hemlock
plato student of socrates
what book did plato write the republic
what did alexander the great do for greece defeated persia, spread greek culture
who was alexander the great's father phillip 2
what city did alexander the great found in egypt alexandria
what ancient wonders was alexandria known for library of alexandria, museum of alexandria, colossus of rome, lighthouse
how was ancient greek civilization and culture affected by geography mountains separated the city states
what ways were athens and sparta similar both in greece, very advanced culturally
what ways were athens and sparta different athens is an army sparta is a navy
why is the age of pericles considered to be a golden age in greece history they used gold to beautify athens-- direct democracy
Created by: kisland
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