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Ch. 10-12 Review New

Why did the Framers of the Constitution favor bicameralism? the houses might act as a check and balance on each other
What is the justification for a state with a small population having the same number of senators with a large population? Equal representation allows the states to be represented as coequal members and partners in the Union
True or False: A reason why the Framers of the Constitution established a bicameral legislature is because many countries had a bicameral legislature False
How many seats are currently in the House of Representatives? 435
What has been the most common outcome of off-year elections? The President’s party decreases its number of seats
When must congressional elections be held? the Tuesday after the first Monday of November in even-numbered years
Which principle was strengthened by Wesberry v. Sanders ? one person, one vote
What are the qualifications for House members? being a citizen for at least seven years; being at least 25 years old; being an inhabitant of the state from which he or she is chosen
Why is the Senate called the upper house? It has stricter qualifications than the House, more prestige, a longer term of office, and has been a stepping-stone to higher political office
Why do member of the Senate serve six years, whereas members of the House serve only two? Senators should not be as concerned with the pressures of election campaigns, so they can focus on the “big picture” of government
What are the qualifications for election to the Senate? citizenship for at least nine years; inhabitant of the state; at least 30 years of age
What is the main duty of Congress? to pass laws
The name of my representative in the House is Peter DeFazio
The names of my U.S. Senators are Ron Wyden; Jeff Merkley
Oregon has ________ senators and ______ representatives. 2; 5
I live in the _____ congressional district of Oregon. 4th
The U.S. Senate currently has _________ members. 100
Which level of government is MOST valued by the strict constructionists? state government
Why did liberal construction of the Constitution prevail? Wars and economic crises call for national action; Advances in transportation & communication impacted the size & scope of govt.; People have demanded more and more services from government
That government is best which governs least, Thomas Jefferson and the Antifederalists, and that implied powers should be severely limited in their application all support the belief of _______________________ construction. strict
What is a reason for the federal government to tax? to meet public needs ; to protect public health and safety; to protect the nation’s domestic industries ;
Which constitutional principle was involved in the Gibbons v. Ogden case in 1824? the national government, not individual states, has the right to regulate interstate commerce
What is an expressed power of Congress? Give an example. powers clearly spelled or enumerated in the Constitution examples of : power to collect taxes, borrow money, coin money
According to the Constitution, the right to conduct foreign relations is shared by the President and Congress
Who has the constitutional power to declare war? Congress
True or False: Commanding the armed forces is an expressed power of Congress? False (President is Commander-in-Chief)
True or False: Congress has the right to manage and control federal military installations, national parks and the District of Columbia. True
What was the 1818 event that prompted the McCulloch v. Maryland case to come before the Supreme Court? Maryland attempted to tax federal bank notes
Which of the following is another name for the Necessary and Proper Clause? Elastic Clause
What are John Marshall’s rules for the acceptability of an implied power? within the scope of the Constitution; legitimate purpose; consistent with the letter and spirit of the Constitution
If no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes for President, who chooses among the top three contenders in the electoral college balloting? the House of Representatives
After the House has impeached a President, what must happen next in order to remove that President from office? the Senate must convict the President
Which institution has the responsibility of confirming or rejecting presidential appointees and treaties? Senate
How many presidents have been impeached AND convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors? none (2 have been impeached but not convicted)
What happens to a bill after its first reading? It is referred to the appropriate standing committee
What are the various methods of taking a floor vote? voice vote, roll-call vote, standing vote , teller vote
The main way to end a filibuster is by invoking the Cloture Rule (60 votes)
What does the Constitution require for a bill to become law? must pass both houses of Congress and be signed by the President
The Congress is made up of the ________________ and the _________ the House of Representatives and the Senate
Which house in Congress is based on population? the House of Representatives
Only __________ of the Senate faces reelection every two years. 1/3
The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is Speaker of the House
According to the Constitution, who presides over the Senate? Vice-President
What is the meaning of the term gerrymandering? creating oddly shaped districts to gain political advantage
A permanent committee in Congress is called a __________________ committee. standing
A congressional committee established to reconcile different versions of a bill is called a ______________ committee. conference
Congress meets on _____________ 3rd of every odd-numbered year. January
A filibuster can occur in the ________________________. Senate only
In the House, amendments must be ____________ ; in the Senate, many amendments are ______________ . germane (relevant); riders
When a bill has many riders, what is it called? a “Christmas tree” bill