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6th Grade History

The Progressive Era

Muckrakers Newspaper and magazine reporters that told people about problems. These reporters "raked" or exposed the "muck" (dirt and corruption in busines)
Initiative Allowed citizens to place an issue on the ballot in a state election.
Referendum Gave voters the opportunity to accept or reject laws.
Recall Allowed voters to remove incompetent elected officials.
Progressive Moving ahead; step by step.
Suffrage Women's right to vote. Suffragist-person who fights for a women's right to vote. (19th Amendment - 1919)
Reform A change to make government or businesses work better.
Prohibition (Prohibit) Stop making, selling and transporting of liquor in the United States (18th amendment)
Temperance To stop drinking or buying alcohol.
Trustbuster Someone who breaks up a bad "trust" (large monopoly) into smaller companies.
Arbitration Settling an argument with the help of an impartial person.
Square Deal Theodore Roosevelt's reform plan for fair and equal treatment for all people.
Negotiate To talk to another person to come to an agreement.
Conservation The protection and preservation of natural resources.
Tariff Taxes imposed by the government of a country. 16th Amendment - income tax law.
Discrimination Unfair treatment of a group of people.
Prejudice A negative opinion formed without proof.
Bias Prejudice; an unbalanced view.
Anti Against; not
Segregation Separation of a race, ethnic group, gender, etc.
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