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Does a thermocouple fire detection system warn the pilot of a general overheat condition? No, it operates on the rate of temperature rise, and it identifies only a fire.
Does a thermal switch fire detection warn the pilot of a general overheat condition? No, it only actuates when there is a fire.
What type of fire extinguishing agent is best for both cabin fires and engine fires? Halon 1301.
What is a major disadvantage of "CB" fire extinguishing agent for extinguishing aircraft fires? It is corrosive to aluminum and magnesium.
Why is carbon tetrachloride not recommended as a fire extinguishing agent? Carbon tetrachloride produces phosgene, a deadly gas, when it is exposed to flames.
What is used as a fire extinguishing agent in most of the high-rate discharge systems installed in aircraft? One of the halogenated hydrocarbons, such as Halon 1301, pressurized with nitrogen.
What happens when the Fire-Pull T-handle is pulled in a jet transport aircraft? Discharge switch is uncovered and armed, the generator field relay is tripped, fuel is shut off to the engine, and hydraulic fluid is shut off to the pump. The engine bleed air is shut off and the hydraulic pump low-pressure lights are deactivated.
What releases the fire extinguishing agent in a high-rate discharge bottle? An electrically ignited powder charge blows a knife through a seal in the HRD bottle.
What three types of fire extinguishers are recommended for extinguishing cabin fires in an aircraft? Water, Halon 1301, and carbon dioxide.
How does a carbon monoxide detector warn the occupant of an aircraft of an excess of carbon monoxide? The detector crystals in the indicator change color.
What are two types of smoke detectors that are used in an aircraft? Photoelectric and visual smoke detectors.
Where are smoke detectors normally located in an aircraft? Smoke detectors are located in baggage compartments and cargo areas.
What type of fire extinguisher is recommended for extinguishing a brake fire? A dry-powder type extinguisher.
How is a CO2 fire extinguisher checked for the amount of charge it contains? By its weight.
How can you determine whether or not a built-in fire extinguishing system has been discharged? By checking the blowout plugs on the outside of the aircraft near the extinguisher agent bottles.
What precaution must you observe when checking the electrical squib of an HRD fire extinguisher bottle for electrical continuity? It takes only a small amount of current to ignite the powder charge, and the method of testing must not send this amount of current through it.
What is indicated if the red disk in a built-in fire extinguishing system is blown out? The agent bottle has been discharged because of an overheat condition.
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