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Henry Bessemer developed a process to make steel stronger
Andrew Carnegie starts to make steel in Pittsburgh, PA. became one of the riches men in the world
John D. Rockefeller standard oil co. controlled 90% of the oil industry-monopoly
George Westinghouse Westinghouse electric co.
William Randolph Hearst developed newspaper business. owned most of the newspapers in the us by 1990- monopoly
j.p. morgan wealthiest and most powerful banker in us during the industrial age
natural resources from nature not made by person . ex;] iron, coal, oil, timber, water
human resources people who work to produce goods and services
capital resources tools, machines , (money) that companies use to produce goods and services.
monopoly when one company has control of an industry
sweatshop hot, cramped workshops
Triangle shirtwaist company fire broke out and the workers were trapped inside 150 people died, mostly young women
lewis hine led the movement against child labor
Samuel gompers s form the American Federation of Labor
strike workers refuse to work to try to force businesses
mary harris jones helped lead the united mine workers in America. she was known as "mother jones"
labor Day created by the labor unions to honor the workers in America
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