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What part of the Federal Aviation Regulations gives the requirements for the issuance of a mechanic certificate? 14 CFR Part 65.
What are the two ratings that can be issued to a mechanic certificate? Airframe and Powerplant.
For how long is a mechanic certificate valid? It is effective until it is surrendered or revoked.
What is the recency of experience requirement for keeping a mechanic certificate valid? The holder of the certificate must have used it technically or in a supervisory capacity for at least six months of the preceding 24 months.
For how long is a temporary mechanic certificate valid? For 120 days.
Is it legal for a certificated aircraft mechanic to make a minor repair to an aircraft instrument? No, not unless he is operating under the authority of a Certificated Repair Station approved for this operation.
Who is authorized to approve an aircraft for return to service after a major repair has been made to its basic structure? An A&P mechanic holding an Inspection Authorization.
Is it legal for a certificated powerplant mechanic to make a major repair to a propeller? No, not unless he is operating under the authority of a Certificated Repair Station approved for this operation.
In what part of the Federal Aviation Regulations can a mechanic find a list of operations that are considered to be major airframe repairs? 14 CFR Part 43, Appendix A.
In what part of the Federal Aviation Regulations can a mechanic find a list of items that should be inspected on a 100-hour inspection? 14 CFR Part 43, Appendix D.
Is it legal for a certificated mechanic to supervise an uncertificated person while the uncertificated person performs a 100-hour inspection on an FAA-certificated aircraft? No, only a certificated mechanic can perform a 100-hour inspection.
Who is authorized to conduct an annual inspection on an FAA certificated aircraft? An A&P mechanic who holds an Inspection Authorization.
Under what conditions can a mechanic with only a powerplant rating perform maintenance on the airframe of a FAA-certificated aircraft? He can perform maintenance (not the required inspections) under the supervision of a mechanic who holds an airframe rating.
Who is responsible for ensuring that all of the aircraft maintenance records are kept up to date? The registered owner or operator of the aircraft.
Who is authorized to perform the inspection on an altimeter that is required under 14 CFR ยง91.411? An FAA-certificated repair station approved for this particular function.
How soon must the holder of an FAA mechanic certificate notify the FAA of a permanent change in his address? Within 30 days of any permanent change in his address.
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