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What records must be made of a 100-hour inspection before the aircraft is approved for return to service? An entry must be made in the aircraft maintenance records that describes the type, the extent, the date of the inspection, aircraft TTS, and the signature and certificate number of the person approving or disapproving the aircraft for return to service
What record must be made of the compliance of an Airworthiness Directive? Entry must be made in the maintenance records stating that the AD has been complied with. Include the AD number/revision date, the date of compliance, the aircraft TTS, the method of compliance/whether or not this is a recurring AD. If recurring AD, noted
What record must be made of a major repair to an aircraft structure? An FAA Form 337 must be completed for the repair, and a record must be made in the aircraft maintenance records referencing the Form 337 by its date.
How many copies must be made of a Form 337 after a major airframe repair? What is the disposition of each of the copies? At least two copies must be made. The original signed form goes to the aircraft owner, and a copy goes to the FAA district office.
Who is authorized to perform a 100-hour inspection on an aircraft? A certificated mechanic who holds an Airframe and a Powerplant rating.
Who is authorized to perform an annual inspection on an aircraft? A certificated A&P mechanic who holds an Inspection Authorization.
For how long must the record of a 100-hour inspection be kept? For one year, or until the next 100-hour inspection is completed.
Can a certificated A&P mechanic supervise an unlicensed person as the unlicensed person performs a 100-hour inspection on an aircraft? No, a certificated mechanic must personally perform the inspection.
Where can you find a list of the basic items that must be inspected on a 100-hour inspection? In 14 CFR Part 43, Appendix D.
Where can you find an example of the correct type of write-up to use for recording a 100-hour inspection in the aircraft maintenance records? In 14 CFR ยง43.11.
What is done with the aircraft maintenance records that include the current status of the applicable Airworthiness Directives when the aircraft is sold? These maintenance records must be transferred with the aircraft when it is sold.
What is meant by a progressive inspection? An inspection that is approved by the FAA FSDO in which an aircraft is inspected according to an approved schedule. The complete inspection to be conducted over a period of time without keepinh the aircraft out of service.
Who is authorized to rebuild an aircraft engine and issue a zero time maintenance record? Only the manufacturer of the engine or a repair station approved by the manufacturer.
What action must a mechanic take if the aircraft being inspecting on a 100-hour inspection fails because of an unairworthy component? The aircraft maintenance records must indicate that the aircraft has been inspected and found to be in an unairworthy condition because of certain discrepancies. A signed and dated list of these discrepancies must be given to the owner/Operator.
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