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Cold War

Marshall Plan United States gave Western European countries money to help them rebuild after World War II.
Joseph Stalin leader of the Communist Soviet Union after World War II.
Winston Churchill leader of Great Britain, said Europe was an Iron Curtain after WW II
Berlin Airlift Soviet Union had started a blockade in West Berlin, United States flew food and supplies to West Berlin for a year
Containment Policy United States foreign policy toward Communism after WW II. United States did not want Communism government to spread to new countries.
Sputnik Soviet Union put 1st satellite in space in 1957.
Joseph McCarthy United States senator who accused American people of being Communist without having any evidence that they were Communist.
Korean War fought from 1950-53. United States aided South Korea against Communist North Korea. United States won the war.
Bay of Pigs Invasion United States trained Cuban refugees to attack Cuba in 1961. Cuba easily defeated the refugees.
Cuban Missile Crisis Soviets agreed to take missiles out of Cuba in 1962, and the United States promised not to attack Cuba.
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg's were found guilty and executed for selling atomic bomb secrets to the United States.
Vietnam War United States got involved in 1964-73 to help South Vietnam fight against the Communist.
Truman Doctrine Document that stated that the United States would assist any country fighting against Communism.
NATO United States promised to defend and protect Western European Countries against Communism.
Roy Benavidez won the Medal of Honor for saving 8 people lives in the Vietnam War.
Communism a government where government controls industries and farms. Citizens have limited personal rights.
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