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ch 1 - 3

State Govenment laws driving age law or medicine law
Federal Government laws seat belt law or counterfit money law
Local Government laws cerfew law or store hours law
Primary Source An artifact that came from someone or something that is there, where the event occurred.
Scientific Method Ask a question Form a hypothesis Perform an experiment Record your findings Get a conclusion
what shapes a person's perspective? religion, past experiences, family life, time period
historical interpretation when a scientist interprets the perpose of something from the past
secondary sorce a documet that was made by someone who was not there
Oral history history that is passed down by stories, usually containing morales
Shared history history that is passed down through generations
Elders respected older people in society
What is evidence from the past that people lived in MN? petrygyphys, written evidence, glacier markings, human markings
Repatriation Returning somehting to its' original place
The meaning of the handprint at Jeffers Petroglyphs site Friendship, grief, death. Many cultures at Jeffers Saying hello to the people of the future
What are some ways of knowing history? Petrglyphs, elders tell stories, oral history
How do scientiests know history? scientific method, artifiacts, physical evidence
civil law divorce,or injury on oneothers properdy
criminal laws murder crime shopliftinor vandilism
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