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What is the capitol of America? Washington D.C.
Who was Washington D.C. named after? George Washington and Christopher Columbus
It is America's _____ planned city. First
It was designed by who? Pierre L. Enfant
Which two cities were also capitol? New York and Philadelphia
What year did Washington D.C. become the official capitol? 1800
What is our motto? "In God We Trust."
What is our largest state? Alaska
What is our smallest state? Rhode Island
What is our national bird? Bald Eagle
What is the national flower? Rose
What is the national anthem? The Star Spangled Banner
When is our national day of Independence? July 4, 1776
What were the Articles of Confederation? The first constitution of the U.S
When where and when were the A.O.C submitted? The 2nd Continental Congress on July 2, 1776
Over ___ years ago our Founding Fathers wrote the ____. 200/Constitution
What is the Constitution? A basic design for how our government should work
The Constitution divides our government into___ branches. 3
The three branches of government are _____,____, and_____. Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Article 1 of the Constitution does what? Defines legislative branch and vests power to legislate in the U.S Congress.
Article 2 of the Constitution does what? Defines executive powers of the President
Article 3 does what? Places Judicial power into the hands of one Supreme Court and inferior courts as sees necessary to establish separation of powers.
What is the most distinctive feature of the U.S government? Each branch operates independently of the others, each has its own responsibilities, and at the same time they work together to make the country run smoothly.
To keep any one branch from gaining too much power the Framers established a system of what? Checks and Balances
The what and what must pass a what for it to become a law? House and Senate/ bill
The President can check congress by ___ a bill Vetoing
Congress can check the President by? Overriding the veto
To overwrite a veto how much of the members from what must vote for the bill? two-thirds/ both houses of congress
The president appoints who and who must agree with those apointments? Supreme Court Justices/the Senate
Congress can also impeach who? The president. and Federal court judges and justices
The Supreme Court can declare a law enacted by Congress or an action by the President_____. Unconstitutional
Article 4 does what? Describes the relation between the states to one another and and relation between the states and Federal Government.
Article 5 does what? Describes how amendments are proposed and approved
How are amendments proposed? By 2/3 of each house of congress or 2/3 of the states
How are amendments added? By 3/4 of the state legislatures or 3/4 of state representatives in a national convention
Article 6 does what? It contains the Supremacy clause which states the U.S constitution is the highest law in the land. All laws passed by the states, towns, and the cities must agree with it.
Article 7 does what? It declares how 9 out of 13 states were sufficient to establish the Constitution and end government under the Articles of Confederation.
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