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History test

What was the first group to take over Babylon? The Hittites were
What were the empires of Babylon? The Hittites, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and then the Phoenicians.
What were the two agricultural techniques that the Sumerians used? 1. Irrigation 2. plow
What were the benefits of living in Mesopotamia? There was fertile soil, flooded banks left behind silt or fertile soil behind
What were the challenges of living in Mesopotamia? Whole villages were destroyed by floods, summer brought rock-hard ground, and with no rain, plants would wither and die. Plus, winds from the mountains caused darkness.
Who were at the top of the Social Class pyramid? Who were at the bottom? The rulers and the priests were on the top. The slaves were at the bottom.
Who needed support from who to make decisions and gain support for decisions? The kings needed support from the priests.
What is the definition of law code? A written set of laws
Who was the first ruler to write laws? Ur Nammu
What were some advancements of the civilization of Sumer? They developed the wheel and mathematical books.
What were the Sumerians' form of writing and who practiced it? The form of writing was cuneiform. Scribes practiced cuneiform.
What is polytheism? the belief in many gods
What was a belief about gods? Gods lived forever
What were temples that honored gods called? They are called ziggurats
Created by: BluePanda76G