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Charles Lindbergh first pilot to fly across the Atlantic from the US to France in 1927. His plane was called The Spirit of ST. Louis.
William Jennings Bryan ran for president three times and lost. He was a lawyer in the Scopes Trial. He did not want students learn evolution in school.
Clarence Darrow He was a lawyer who represented Teacher, Mr. Scopes for teaching evolution in school.
Henry Ford made automobiles using the assembly line and made cars inexpensive so that many Americans could afford cars.
Harlem Renaissance writers and musicians celebrate and motivate African Americans in the 1920's in New York.
Red Scare a fear that swept the United States in the 1920's. There was a Communist revolution in Russia and communism was beginning to spread across the world
Prohibition Americans could not drink or make alcohol in the 1920's.
Xenophobia fear of foreigners in the United States
Sacco and Vanzetti Case two Italians were convicted of a crime and executed because they protested against American government.
Great Migration between 1910-1930 two million blacks left the southern United States and moved to the northern United States
Scopes " Monkey" Trial school teacher had to go to trial in 1925 for teaching his class about evolution and humans are related to Monkeys.
Langston Hughes African American poet and writer during the Harlem Renaissance
Marcus Garvey Believed in Blacks owning their own businesses, and blacks going back to Africa
Flappers Women who wore make-up, cut their hair, and wore short dresses
Return to Normalcy President of the United States Warren Harding between 1921-23, wanted America to focus on American issues and not get involved in foreign affairs.
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