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Inventions of 1800s

Tells of the inventions and inventors, among other things, of the 1800s

What did someone invent to help transportation of goods and other things to the farms and homes of the West? The Erie Canal. 1825 Governor DeWitt Clinton
What did his opponents call it? "Clinton's ditch" 1825 Governor DeWitt Clinton
This developed in... So ___ became a commercial center of the U.S. Northeast needs food. Midwest needs manufactured goods. They formed a strong economical bond. ... New York 1825 Governor DeWitt Clinton
The________ made travel by water by burning fuels easy. Steamboat 1807 Robert Fulton
____ ___ were the most graceful sailing crafts built. Resulted in the " golden era of ___" Clipper Ships. Sail. 1840s and 1850s Donald McKay
More efficient than water was the _____ Steam Locomotive! about 1833 ????
A new way to plow STEEL plow 1830s John Deere
A new way to harvest reaping machine or mechanical reaper 1831 Cyrus McCormick
Rapid cotton weaving powered by water was... Power Loom 1800s Francis Cabot Lowell
What is a patent? legal rights to an invention
Two worked on something to help make clothes. What was it? Sewing machine 1846 and afterwards in 1854 Elias Howe and Isaac Merrit Singer
Safety of coal miners miners' safety lamp 1815 Sir Humphry Davy
Fast way to sent messages using electricity telegraph 1837 Samuel Morse
First message sent by the Fast way to sent messages using electricity? What God hath Wrought! (Num. 23:23) 1844 Samuel Morse
Fastest way to sent messages before the Fast way to sent messages using electricity? Pony Express April 1860 to October 1861
"Pathfinder of the Seas" Matthew Maury 1850s
Send messages underwater. transatlantic cable 1858 Cyrus Field
Send messages underwater. first one from ____ to ____ Newfoundland to Ireland 1858 Cyrus Field
Send messages underwater. First message sent. "Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, and good-will to men 1858 Cyrus Field
an entrepreneur is a what? a person who risks personal loss to develop and market new products or ideas.
First pain killer. Not credited ether; "deep sleep" 1842 Crawford Long
First pain killer. Credited. ether 1840s William Morton
ease pain of dental work word to descried absence of pain used: nitrous oxide... no pain: anesthesia 1844 Horace Wells
First Woman Physician Elizabeth Blackwell 1849
light for streets gas street light 1830 ????
Lamp powered by cheep oil kerosene 1854 ????
applied science is the practical use of scientific knowledge.
Credits: America Land I Love Credits: America Land I Love Credits: America Land I Love Credits: America Land I Love
Who wrote "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"? What was his real name? Samuel Clemens wrote this under the name of Mark Twain. 1835-1910 Samuel Clemens
The steamboat did the same thing to ___ as to New York because... New Orleans. South sends cotton to England. England sends manufactured goods. 1850 Robert Fulton
Created by: dhogwarts
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