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Korean War A conflict that the United States intervened in to stop the spread of communism--results in a divison on the Korean Peninsula today (North and South Korea)
Vietnam War A conflict that the United States fought to stop the spread of communism--Vietnam fell to communism after the US left
Domino Theory Theory that if a country becomes communist, the others around it will fall too
Bible Holy book for Christians
Ten Commandments Set of rules that are followed by both Jews (Judaism) and Christians
Jesus Primary figure of Christianity, Christians believe Jesus to be the Son of God
Church Place of Worship for Christians
Qur'an Holy book for Muslims
Five Pillars Set of Rules to follow for Muslims--includes Daily Prayer, Fasting, Giving to the Poor etc
Muhammad Primary figure of Islam, final prophet God revealed himself to. His interactions with God are the foundation of the Qur'an (Muslim Holy Book)
Allah Arabic for God. Arabic speaking Muslims call God Allah
Hajj Trip to the Islamic Holy city of Mecca. Muslims should make this trip once in their life
Mosque A place of worship for Muslims
Ramadan Holy month for Muslims. Muslims fast (don't eat while the sun is up) during this month as a form of prayer
Torah Holy book for Jews, consists of several books of the Old Testament of the Bible
Abraham The man with whom God made a covenant (or promise). He is an important figure in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
Synagogue Place of worhsip for Jews (Judaism)
Bar/Bat Mitzfah A right of passage into the church for Jews
Vedas Holy text to be read by Hindus
Brahman The great Spirit in Hinduism, Hindu priests are called Brahmans
Diwali "Festival of Lights" A holiday in Hinduism
Tipitakas Holy texts for Buddhists
Eightfold Path Guide to living for Buddhists--encourages them to give up desires and the things of this world
Reincarnation The belief that one's soul is born again multiple times. YALMT
Siddartha Gautama Born as a Hindu Prince, became the Buddha, founder of Buddhism
Monotheism Belief in One God (Christianity, Islam, Judaism)
Polytheism Belief in Multiple Gods (Hinduism)
Demilitarized Zone A zone that divides Democracy South Korea and Communist North Korea, 38th parallel
Communism Type of Government where a dictator has complete and total control of all aspects of citizens life (China and North Korea are communist today) (China is partially Communist)
Mao Zedong Communist leader of China in the 20th century. Killed millions who disagreed with him and in famine after taking over all farms
Kim Jong Un Current dictator of North Korea
Feudalism System of living in Ancient Japan. Peasants, Samurai, Shoguns, and Daimyos (landowners) all relied on each other for survival
Pearl Harbor United States naval base where Japan launched a surprise attack. This started World War 2
Little Boy The first atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima
Fat Man The second atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki
Christianity A religion that focuses on Jesus, largest in the world, holy book is the Bible (monotheistic)
Judaism Oldest monotheistic religion, 12th largest religion in the world. Holy book is the Torah
Islam Second largest religion in the world, newest Monotheistic religion, focuses on Muhammad and the Qur'an
Buddhism Founded by Siddartha Gautama, focuses on removing suffering, breaking the cycle of reincarnation, and achieving Nirvana
Hinduism Polytheistic Religion, Oldest of the 5 we have studied, believes in reincarnation and the caste system
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