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Andrew Jackson

Review of concepts re. Jackson's Presidency and Jacksonian Democracy

John Calhoun Jackson's first vice president who disagreed with him over issues like the Tariff of Abominations and Peggy Eaton.
Peggy Eaton Wife of Jackson's Secretary of War who was "picked on" by the other ladies in Washington because of her scandalous reputation.
John Quincy Adams Winner of the Corrupt Bargain Election of 1824.
Henry Clay Became the Secretary of State after making a sketchy deal with the winner of the Corrupt Bargain Election. Was also the Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time.
Andrew Jackson Felt like he got cheated in 1824 but won "bigly" in 1828 after a brutal name calling election.
Nicholas Biddle President of the Bank of the United States and enemy of Jackson because of his control of "The Monster."
Martin Van Buren Jackson's second Vice President.
Rachel Jackson Should have become the first lady but died because of the reports of her marriage to two men at the same time!
Tariff of Abominations Raised the prices on foreign goods so that Americans would be more willing to buy products produced by the Northern States.
Trail of Tears The Cherokees' journey westward following Jackson's order to free up Southern lands for white farmers.
The Five Civilized Tribes Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole
Spoils System The ability of a winning President to appoint friends/supporters to his cabinet and to other advisory positions.
South Carolina Exposition and Protest Written by John Calhoun to assert that states should have the right to nullify federal laws they view as unconstitutional.
Nullification To ignore or refuse to enforce a federal law within your state's borders.
Secede When a state decides to separate or drop out from the Union.
William Crawford Another candidate in the Corrupt Bargain election who had a stroke and had to withdraw from the election.
The Hermitage Andrew Jackson's plantation in Tennessee.
New Orleans Jackson was the Hero of this city during the War of 1812 when he didn't know that it was time to quit killing Redcoats.
Veto What Jackson did to the renewal of the Bank of the United States' charter.
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