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New South Era

Bourbon Triumvirate three powerful Georgia politicians who dominated Georgia politics for over 20 years
Henry Grady managing editor for the Atlanta Journal who promoted the concept of the “New South.”
International Cotton Expositions a series of three large events (1881, 1885, 1895) established to display Atlanta’s growth and industrial capabilities and to lure Northern investment to the region
New South period after Reconstruction where political and community leaders in the South sought to diversify Georgia’s economy and bring Northern technology and/or investments into the state.
Populist Party a short lived political party (1892-1908) made up of farmers that were hostile to banks, railroads, and social elites.
Rural Free Delivery Act legislation proposed by Georgia Congressman Tom Watson that provided free mail delivery to rural areas of the country
Tom Watson lawyer, writer, and politician from Georgia
Disenfranchisement to deprive a person the right to vote or rights of citizenship.
Atlanta Race Riot 48 hour riot in Atlanta caused by economic competition and false newspaper accounts of African-American or Black men attacking white women; several African-Americans or Blacks were killed during the riot.
Grandfather Clause disenfranchisement law that said if a person’s father could vote before the Civil War they would be able to vote as well
Jim Crow laws laws created by state legislatures to deny African-Americans or Blacks citizenship rights
Literacy test a disenfranchising tactic that required voters to pass a reading and writing test in order to vote
Poll Tax a disenfranchising tactic that required voters to pay a fee in order to vote; this prevented poor blacks and whites from voting
Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court case that established the separate but equal doctrine thus promoting segregation.
separate but equal Supreme Court ruling that legalized racial segregation as long as the facilities were equally funded; however, this was rarely the case
White Primary tactic used by whites in Georgia to prevent blacks from voting in the Democratic primary
W.E.B. Dubois civil rights leader and college professor who fought for immediate social and political rights for African-Americans or Black
Alonzo Herndon founder of the Atlanta Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Booker T. Washington educator, author, political activist, and orator; promoted the idea that African-Americans or Blacks should pursue economic and educational endeavors before seeking social and political equality
Leo Frank Case trial where a Northern Jewish pencil factory manager was accused of murdering 13 year old Mary Phagan; found guilty of the crime and sentenced to death
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