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American History 101

American History meeting of the cultures and Transplantion and Borderlands

The early South American civilizations of Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs all shared the following characteristics economies based primarily on agriculture substantial cities
The Pre-Columbian North American peoples in the Southwest built ______________ for farming. large irrigation systems
In the Great Plains region, most pre-columbian societies hunted _______ for survival. buffalo
Prior to European contact, the eastern third of what is today the Untied States had the most _________________ of any region of the continent? abundant food resources
Many Pre- Columbian tribes east of the Mississippi River were loosely linked by _______________ common linguistic roots
The preeminent European maritime power in the fifteenth century was Portugal
thought the world was much smaller than it really was. Christopher Columbus
As a result in his third voyage in 1498, Christopher Columbus concluded he had encountered a continent separate from Asia
helped popularize the idea that the Americas were new continents. Amerigo Vespucci
In 1518, Hernando Cortes's conquest of the Aztecs was made possible due largely to the exposure of the Aztecs to smallpox
An encomienda was the uniform worn by conquistadors
In 1680, the Pueblo Indians rose in revolt against Spanish settlers after the Spanish made efforts at suppressing Indian religious rituals.
In what way did the sixteenth-century Europeans benefit from the trade between the Americans and Europe? A large number of new crops became available in Europe.
In Spanish colonial societies, mestizos came to make up the largest segment of the population.
African and American- Indian societies tended to be matrilineal which meant people traced their heredity through their mothers
In what Chronological order did European countries control the African slave trade? Portuguese, the Dutch, the English
What Condition in England in the sixteenth century provided an incentive for colonization the availability of the farmland was declining while the population was growing.
The English Reformation resulted from a political dispute between King Henry VIII and the Catholic Church.
At the beginning of the seventeenth century, English Puritan discontent was increased by the death of Queen Elizabeth
England's first experience with colonization came in Ireland
The English concluded from their colonial experiences in Ireland that English colonists should maintain a rigid separation from the indigenous population
An important consequence of the defeat of the Spanish Armada was that England found the seas more open to their control.
The colony of Virginia was named in honor of Elizabeth I
Seventeenth-century English colonial settlements were tightly controlled by the English government
The first important economic boom in Jamestown resulted from the production of tobacco
the cultivation of tobacco around Jamestown resulted in all the rapid wearing out of the soil the search for new sources of labor rising prosperity for the colony the expansion of European settlement into the interior
In the first seventeen years of Virginia existence nearly eighty percent of the white settlers died
In which technology were Indians more advanced than the Virgina colonists agriculture
In the seventeenth century, English colonists recognized that corn produced yields than any of the European grains
Compared to King James I, King Charles I treatment of the Puritans was more hostile
The Puritan merchants who founded the Massachusetts Bay Company carried out the largest single migration in the seventeenth century
The Massachusetts Bay Puritans created a colonial theocracy
One reason Roger Williams was deported from the Massachusetts colony was he said the land occupied by the colonists belong to the Indians
In 1637, hostilities broke out between the English settlers in the Connecticut Valley and what local Native American Tribe? the pequots
In King Phillips war, Indians made effective use of the relatively new weapon the flintlock rifle
The English Restoration began with the reign of Charles II
Originally, the Georgia colony excluded both free blacks and slaves
Which of the following was not a restoration colony? Maryland Carolina New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland
The English Colonial settlements in the Caribbean concluded that it was cheaper to buy new African slaves than to protect the ones they already had.
The proprietors who founded the Carolina colony guaranteed religious freedoms to all Christians
In colonial North America the "middle grounds" refers to a region in which no one European or Indian group held clear dominance
The English Parliament enacted the Navigation Acts primarily to benefit New England merchants
The Dominion of New England called for a single royal government
Leisler's Rebellion took place in New York
The Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689 helped put in place the Dominion of New England
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