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What is yellow journalism? Fake news
What led to the Spanish-American War? Explosion of the USS Maine, Mistreatment of Cubans and fear for American businesses in Cuba, Demonstrate that we are a world power
Because of the Spanish-American War, the US annexed the territories of? Hawaii and Alaska
A treaty was negotiated that gave US control of three territories. Which territories? Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico
What is the significance of the Panama Canal? Allowed American commercial and war ships to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific more quickly and contributed to t America’s commercial and military might and to its image as a world power.
The United States tried to remain _____ during WWI. Neutral
Wilson felt war would ... “Make the world a safe place for democracy.”
What was the significance of the Zimmerman Telegram? Was sent from Germany to Mexico telling Mexico if they joined the war against the US, Germany would help Mexico regain control of lost territories in the US. It was intercepted by the British and its led the American public to support going to war.
What are douboys? Soldiers
Describe Trench Warfare. Miles of trenches which soldiers would live and fight. No Man’s Land (middle) covered with unexploded ammunition, barbed wires, and soldiers. Soldiers were exposed to unhealthy conditions, trench foot, rats, mud, and little to no break from fighting.
Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
Allied Powers Great Britain, France, and the United States
Eventually, the Central Powers agreed to an _______ (or surrendered to) with the Allied Powers on the condition that peace negotiations would be based on Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points. armistice
Woodrow Wilson hoped that by creating a ________, future wars would be avoided. Many Senators thought the League of Nations would get in the way of Congress’s ability to declare war if needed. League of Nations
What is a League of Nations? An international organization working to prevent war.
The signing of the _______ was the official ending to World War I. Treaty of Versailles
Against President Wilson’s wishes, ______ was punished by having to pay heavy fines and not rebuild their army. Germany
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