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unit 7 key terms

Medical Abbreviations and Questions from Test

Communism Idea of Karl Marx where there is no private property instead the government controls all business and property
Bolsheviks Revolutionary group in Russia led by Vladimir Lenin
Anarchist A person who wants to end government rule
Lynching Hanging a person
Laissez faire economics Belief the economics and business run better without government regulation
Al Capone Scar face- was a mobster/crime boss in Chicago during prohibition
Speakeasies Place where alcohol was sold illegally
Bootlegging To make and sell alcohol illegally
Flappers Young women in the 1920s who wore shorter dresses/short hair and challenged the traditional role
Great migration African Americans moving from the south to the north after ww1
Buying on the margin Bought stocks with a loan
Created by: kylamcclendo