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Revolutionary War

Part B: Events and Vocabulary

In which order did these conflicts occur? Saratoga, Yorktown, French & Indian War, Lexington and Concord French & Indian War, Lexington and Concord, Saratoga, Yorktown
The colonists considered this tax on paper products to be an unfair tax. The Stamp Act
Tell two reasons the Declaration of Independence was written. To separate the USA from Britain and to explain the abuses of the British government.
Which document might have said the following: Men are born with certain rights that the government cannot take away. These rights include "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." The Declaration of Independence
Planting a cash crop in order to earn a profit is an example of this: price incentive
What is voluntary exchange? Freely trading or selling goods. Example: when the French traded beads, metal goods, and weapons for beaver skins from the Indians.
Trade between countries tends to produce jobs and help countries grow financially. This is called _____ growth. economic
American forces crossed an icy Delaware River on Christmas to surprise the Hessians (British allies) at this battle. Trenton
The Americans and French set up a blockade so the British could not escape from this battle. Yorktown
Paul Revere rode across open land to warn citizens and soldiers to prepare for the arrival of British troops. Lexington and Concord
Americans used a hill, forests, and man-made mounds for protection and to provide good shooting positions. Saratoga
The British used the high tide to help move supplies. They snuck around a forest to surprise the Americans. Bunker Hill
After this battle, the king of France was persuaded to help the Americans win the war. Saratoga
The British surrendered after this battle. Yorktown
George Washington and the Continental Army spent a cold, difficult winter at this town in 1777-1778. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
He was an excellent soldier and general, leading the Americans to victory at Saratoga, until he betrayed his country- giving secret information to the British. Benedict Arnold
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