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US History Unit 5

Jacksonian America

The Spoil System government jobs are given to loyal and supportive party members
National Nominating Conventions allow people to select those that run for president
Tariff of Abominations Tariff on imports renewed in 1828
Force Bill Congress authorizes the use of the military to collect tariff tax in S.C.
Indian Removal Act forced removal of Native Americans to the West
Trail of Tears forced removal and march of thousands of Cherokee to present day Oklahoma
Veto Power Jackson vetoes the renewal of the National Bank
Panic of 1837 many lose their homes/land
Nativism people born in America tend to not like new immigrants because they take American jobs
The Second Great Awakening renewed effort to return America to God
Transcendentalism embrace the beauty of nature, celebrated people and nature
"Civil Disobedience" Essay break unjust laws
Seneca Fall Convention birth of women's rights movement, desired the right to vote -Lucretia Mott & Elizabeth Cady Standon -Seneca Falls, NY
gradualism slowly end slavery over several generation
colonization American Colonization Society-send African Americans back to Africa-Liberia
Abolition end slavery immediately with no compensation
Manifest Destiny the belief that Americans had a duty and right to move west and expand American territory and with it American democracy, culture and freedom to the Pacific Ocean
Preemption Act of 1841 squatters buy land for $1.25 per acre
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo officially ends war with Mexico
Created by: Mrs.Ingerick