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RE Christian Beliefs

1.1 The Trinity: What is the Trinity and why are they important? {4} The [NICENE CREED] expresses the nature of God and his persons. The trinity consists of: [THE HOLY FATHER] - the father figure who loves his children. [THE HOLY SON] - Jesus Christ, the son of God, who was incarnated through the Virgin Mary. [THE HOLY SPI
1.2 The Creation of the Universe and of Humanity: How may the creation story be interpreted, What is the importance of this story to christians and What was the role of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? ((2)(2)3,2)(2) {4} The [CREATIONIST] view understands the biblical account as literal and rejects evolution and the big bang theory. The [SYMBOLIC] view, in contrast, sees this message as metaphorical and represents that God is the creator. The story teaches christians that
1.3 The Incarnation, explain the person of Jesus Christ and his importance (3)(3)(3) {6} As the [SON OF GOD] jesus was worshipped, ressurrected and forgave peoples sins. As a [MAN], Jesus worshipped God, felt pain when crucified and felt emotions. Gods OMNIBENEVOLENCE shone through his willingness to INCARNATE his one and only son with the so
1.4 The Last Days of Jesus' Life- explain the 5 days leading up to the final. 1111 The Last Supper was where Jesus predicted that someone among his disciples would betray him and this event is remembered by the Eucharist. 2222
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