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WIG Words


Inspect To examine closely and carefully
Proceed Continue or carry on
Dormant Temporarily quiet or not active
Tenant Person who pays land to use land or buildings that belong to someone else
Region Large area that has common features that set it apart from other areas
Migrant Person who moves from place to place to harvest crops
Conservation Protection and careful use of natural resources
Oxygen A colorless odorless gas we breathe
Concerted Jointly arranged or carried out
Suffrage The right to vote in a political election
Transferred Move from place to place
Representative A person chosen to represent
Destruction Great damage or ruin
Uninhabited Not lived in
Suburb Community just outside or near a city
Mobilize to assemble for action
Liberate to free an area or person
Alliance Agreeing among nations to defend one another
Decended Moved from a higher place to a lower one
Monopolize to have exclusive possession of something
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