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Ancient India Test

Where is India? South Asia
What mountain System blocks off India from the rest of Asia? The Himalayas
Because India is blocked off from the rest of the continent India is a... Subcontinent
I describe India’s climate. Monsoons are greatly affect the climate
What is a monsoon? Strong winds
And how did the winter monsoons affect India? The monsoons blowing cold dry air from the mountains
How do the monsoons affect India’s summer? The monsoons bring warm wet air from the Arabian Sea
Where did India’s first civilization began? The Indus River Valley
What were the two large cities in ancient India? Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
Describe the streets in the ancient Indian cities. There were large brick paved streets and smaller unpacked streets
What protected the people in the cities? A fortress
And what were houses made from? Oven baked bricks made of mud
Describe ancient Indian houses. They had flat roofs, enclosed courtyard, Wells, and indoor plumbing. Pipes took waste water to pits outside the city walls. Garbage chutes glad to Ben’s in the streets.
Who were the Aryans? They were not a single race or tribe. They were a group of people who spoke similar languages. They settled in the Indus River Valley
What is Sanskrit? The written language of the Aryans
What is a Raja? An Aryan ruler or prince
Why did the rajas fight with each other? They fought over treasure cattle and land
What is the caste system? A class system dividing society into different levels
What was each social group called? Varna
What was the top Varna? The Brahmans
What were the Brahmans? Priests
What is the second highest Varna? The Kshatriyas.
Who were the Kshatriyas? Warriors who ran the government
What was the third Varna? Vaisya
Who were the Vaisyas? “Common people”; Farmers and merchant
What was the fourth Varna Sudra
Who were the Sudra? Lower-class workers and servants
Who were the untouchables? The lowest group of people in Indian society. Too low to be part of the cast system
What did the untouchables do? They didn’t work considered too dirty for the cast members such as collecting trash
What is one of the oldest religions in the world still practiced in India? Hinduism
What is Brahman? The one great spirit that Hindus believe all living things are part of.
What must a person’s soul do before it can join Brahman? A soul must live many lives... even some as an animal.
What is reincarnation? The idea of living many lives in different forms, one after another.
And according to Hinduism how can you have a better life in your next life? If they do the duties of their caste
What is dharma? A Hindus personal duty
What is karma? The result of how a person lives. If you live a good life and follow your dharma you will have good karma and eventually reach Brahman
What happens if you have bad karma? You will be born into a lower caste or as an animal
Who was Siddhartha Gautama? He was an Indian prince that later became the Buddha
What does “Buddha” mean? Enlightened one
According to the Buddha what should be everyone’s goal? Nirvana
What is nirvana? A feeling of perfect peace and happiness
According to the Buddha what most people do in order to reach nirvana? Stop desiring fame, money, and worldly things
Where was Buddhism practiced in ancient India? In the south and east India
Where Are most Buddhists today? Southeast Asia and east Asia
What is Jainism? A religion that teaches to never harm any living creature
What is Ahsa? Jainism’s main teaching to never harm any living creature
Who was Ashoka? Hey strong military leader who grew to hate war and began to follow the teachings of Buddha
How did Ashoka Spread Buddhism? He sent teachers throughout India and Asia. He had workers car the Buddhas teachings on pillars. He also had workers build thousands of stupas.
How did Indian culture innovate mathematics? They invented the number zero and the number symbols 40 through nine that were later adopted by Arabic traders in and eventually replaced Roman numerals
How are Indian scientists advanced? They mapped the movements of the planets and stars. They knew that the earth was round and that it moved around the sun long before Europeans did
what did ancient Indians make tools and weapons from? Iron and steel
How were Gupta doctors advanced? They set broken bones, performed operations, invented medical tools (such as the scalpel), and used herbs to treat illnesses
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