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Imperialism taking over a small,weak, or poor country.
Alfred Thayer Mahan influenced the United States to have a strong military. He believed in Imperialism.
1898 this was the year of the Spanish American War. United States won the war. US recognized as an World power.
Panama Canal United States built a waterway to reduce travel distance between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
Open Door Policy allowed the United States and other nations to trade with China
Pancho Villa killed more than 30 American because US got involved in Mexico's Revolution.
Big Stick Policy Theodore Roosevelt foreign policy in Latin America. United States would intervene in Latin American to protect them from European countries.
Dollar Diplomacy William Taft foreign policy toward Latin America. Americans would loan and invest money to Latin America countries
Hawaii United States businessmen overthrow Hawaii Queen Liliuokalani. US controls Hawaii in 1898
Alaska United States buys Alaska from Russia in 1867 for 7.2 million
Yellow journalism exaggerating the news to sell newspapers. This was used during the Spanish American war.
Boxer Rebellion Chinese radicals attacked foreigners in Beijing, China. American military ended the rebellion
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