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Revolutionary War

Part A: People and Places

John Adams I served in the Continental Congress, helped write the Declaration of Independence, and helped convince Europeans to fund the Patriots.
Patrick Henry I argued for the Revolution and said, "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
Paul Revere Although I was a silversmith, I painted a famous picture of the Boston Massacre to anger fellow colonists and made a famous midnight ride.
Daughters of Liberty We protested the Stamp and Townshend Acts and organized boycotts of tea (boycott = stop using).
Benjamin Franklin I served in the Continental Congress, proofread the Declaration of Independence, and convinced King Louis XVI of France to help the Americans.
Black Regiments Some of us were slaves, others were free- we made up about 20% of Northern soldiers.
Sons of Liberty We chased out British tax collectors and harassed Americans who paid taxes.
Thomas Jefferson I was a member of the Continental Congress and wrote most of the Declaration of Independence.
George III King of Great Britain
No taxation without representation! This saying was a protest against British taxes without allowing the colonists to have a choice or vote.
alliance A friendship agreement between two groups or countries.
French and Indian War A war for control of land between the French and Indians and the British. The British won, but had to charge higher taxes to pay for the war.
specialization A job requiring specific training, like a carpenter, silversmith, or shoemaker.
Stamp Act A tax on paper goods like newspapers, playing cards, and official documents.
taxes This is what governments use to pay for many things- including wars.
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