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Unit 4 History

Filibuster An adventurer who engages in private rebbelious activity in a foreign country
Emparassario An agent who makes all the arrangements to bring settlers to a colony
Immigration The movement of people from one place to settle in another place
Tejano The unique cultural blending of Spanish and American traditions in Texas
Father Hidalgo Started rebbelion
Jose Gutierrez Magge Started the battle of Medina
Philip Nolan Suspected of taking land in Texas (wild horse wrangler)
James Long Last filibuster, he took Nacogdoches and was later executed in 1822
1821 Moses Austin was given permission by Spanish to settle in Texas, but dies before he can come to Texas
1821 Mexico gains independence from Spain
1821 Stephen F Austin sets up the first Anglo colony in Texas and carries out his fathers dream by settling people in Texas
(1821-1824) Mexico puts up restrictions for people settling and colonizing in Texas
1824 Merged Coahulia and Texas. The merge caused tension s to develop between the two regions. This caused the Spanish official to create the 3 rules.
State Colonization Law of 1825 Furthered the emprasario system to grow rapidly
(1825-1836) Texas population begins to grow rapidly- Anglo settlers used the emprasario because land was cheap and could bring their own slaves
Green DeWitt Establishes a colony near present -day Gonzales, Texas
Martin De Leon Spanish native, his colony was settled by Mexican families
Extra Info Settlers in the Austin colony adapted to the environment by building homes with a breezeway
Erasmo Siguin Tejano who represented Texas at the Mexican Constitution of 1824
Created by: alyssap2319