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Canada in the 1700's

Settling in New France

What is a seigneur? A landlord granted farmland by the French King to divide into sections and assign to habitants.
What are habitants? French settlers who farmed small plot of land they rented from the seigneur and also learned to fish, hunt, harvest timber and trap animals.
What is the Coureurs de Bois? In english "runners of the woods" which means French explorers. An independent French Canadian who would trade fur to the french from the First Nations. Usually they lived with the First Nations to grow strong relationships for more fur.
What are voyageurs? Professional canoeist who transported furs in water to bigger ships to France. They could NOT sell or trade furs or goods.
What was their religion? The catholic religion was the only religion acceptable to King Louis XIV and only catholics could settle in New France. Native people had to convert to a catholic. King louis XIV believed everyone with the same religion would build a stronger community.
What were the jesuits? They spread catholic beliefs, built a school for boys in New France and built catholic churches that supported the community in New France. But they carried a disease to First Nations and wiped out tribes.
What were the ursuline nuns? They also spread catholic beliefs. But they built a school for girls and built and ran hospitals.
Who was King Louis XIV? He was the King of France at the time, a monarch. He established and organized a royal colony in New france.
What was the seigneurial system? A system used by the government to divide land among settlers in New France. The land was divided into long narrow plots by the St. Lawrence River.
What is mercantilism? An economic system that increases wealth by increasing exports and limiting imports.
What is the first step of mercantilism? 1. Original country sends explorers to different places-- on ships.
What is the second step of mercantilism? 2. Natural resources are collected/harvested from the colony--fur.
What is the third step of mercantilism? 3. Natural resources are transported to the original country and turned into goods -- fur hats.
What is the fourth step of mercantilism? 4. Goods sold to the original country and the colonists back in the colonies.
What is colonization? An original country brings another separate region under its control. For example France took control of an area in North America and called it New France.
What is the Treaty of Utrecht? When Spain's King died, France started a war (War of the Spanish Succession) to try and claim Spain's land. Other european countries started against France. Then they signed a treaty where France lost some land in New France to England.
What does indigenous mean? People native to the area; to do with the original inhabitants of Canada (First Nations, Metis and Inuit of Canada.
What is disputed territory? Area of land that different groups claims belongs to them.
What is an absolute monarchy? Leaders who have unlimited power over their people and the people have no role or influence in government affairs. France, Spain and Portugal were some of many countries that had absolute monarchs.
What is the first main characteristic of an absolute monarch? The ruler could only choose the people that were allowed to participate in the government. Even though people were chosen by rulers to participate in government decisions the king did not have to listen to their suggestions.
What is the second main characteristic of an absolute monarch? Belief that god has given them power that is passed down through their ancestors. The king or queen decide what's best for the people affected or not.
What is an example of a king or queen with a different type of decision making? King Louis XIV had advisors to make decisions for him but rejected ideas if not liked. If he didn't like the decisions he made he could get new advisors.
In theory what did new France do for decision making in their colony? Since New France was so far away from France, so messages would take a long time to receive, giving New France more freedom.
What is the third main characteristic of an absolute monarch? Majority rule didn't exist. Only the appointed officials from france and New France approved ideas. If majority people voted for something only officials counted.
Who had the biggest amount of power? King Louis XIV.
Who had the second biggest amount of power? The Sovereign Council.
Who had the mediocre amount of power? The Intendant, Governor General and the Bishop.
Who had second least amount of power? The 5 Councillors, the Clerk and the Attorney General
Who had the least amount of power? Finally the people of New France.
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