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Pd 9 WWII Voc 2017

Pd 9's WWI Vocabulary from class presentations

The second atomic bomb site, not intended to have a bomb dropped on it Nagasaki
A mass evacuation of allied soldiers from North France Dunkirk
"Code name for making of the atomic bombs The Manhattan Project
The element used to create the bomb that was dropped on Nasgasaki Plutonium
The name of the plane that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki Bockscar
Removing from a place of danger Evacuate
To make something into law Enact
Acceptance, shown by signing your name Subscription
Generates a lot of money Profitable
Purposely altered media used to sway someone's opinion Propaganda
A membership of alike workers Union
A binding promise to do or to not do something Pledge
When someone or something is confined for a military reason Internment
Causing harm to a person or thing Violation
Singing something in a soft tone, also known for 1940's music Crooner
A musician that is interested in jazz music Moldy Fig
A German soldier who was given orders from Hitler Nazi
The amount of supplies each person was given in a set time period Rations
OPA Office of Price Administration
"Gardens that families planted to help increase food during the war Victory Gardens
Books containing stamps to buy specific rationed items War Ration Books
Camps for Japanese Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor Relocation Camps
Limiting the amount of a resource/food item during war time Rationing
USO United Service Organization
Provided entertainment to soldiers USO
First city to be targeted by an atomic weapon Hiroshima
Large amphibious assault against the Axis powers D-Day
Name of the first atomic bomb Little Boy
Transport ships used by the allies to move troops Troop Barge
Codename for D-Day Operation Overlord
A strategy used by the US to attack the Japanese in the Pacific Island Hopping
Supreme commander of Allied forces during World War II in 1943 Dwight D Eisenhower
November 16, 1942 the Allied invasion in French North Africa during World War II Operation Torch
"December 16, 1944-January 16, 1945 because the Germans wanted to split the Allied forces and to stop the supplies coming to the Allies Battle of the Bulge
Created by: dsalvucci