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PD 1 WWII Prjct Voc

Pd 1's Vocabulary Terms based upon their projects.

Allowing each person to have only a fixed amount of (a particular commodity) Rationing
May 8th, the day marking the Aliies victory in Europe V-E Day
The art or process of deciphering coded messages without being told the key to the code Cryptanalysis
" To decode a message with or without previous knowledge of its key Decrypt
To discover the meaning of anything obscure or difficult to trace or understand Decipher
An official document entitling the holder to a ration of food, clothes, or other goods Ration Book
Capitulating (surrendering) with no entitlements or guarantees Unconditional Surrender
Vegetable gardens that were planted anywhere possible during WWII to help with rationing Victory Gardens
A Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber plane that dropped the atomic bomb, Little Boy, in 1945 Enola Gay
Amounts of food or other goods that were bought or eaten were reduced so that supplies would not run low for America Rationing
An ironic name given to the atomic bomb that was dropped by a plane on Hiroshima, Japan Little Boy
A military term to stop and pause Halt
Divergence out from a center point Radiate
The first city in Japan that was destroyed by the atom bomb Hiroshima
Number of deaths totaled after the war. Casualties
Second largest island in Japan that was taken over by USA Okinawa
Nickname of the atom bomb Little Boy
"US armed forces trained for land, sea, and air combat Marines
The equal distribution of goods and/or supplies in order to conserve goods or when goods and/or supplies are low Rationing
The day that WWII was over in Europe V-E Day
A book that gave people stamps to buy good, and this book limited what people could buy Ration Book
"These led to canning foods and was a major part of America’s produce after the war Victory Gardens
This causes a standstill where action or war are put on hold (Germany did this for three days during Dunkirk) Halt
Books the size of a postcard mailed to the army providing entertainment Pocketbooks
The name of war bonds before the attack on Pearl Harbor Defense Bonds
Bonds used to finance military operations during the war War Bonds
The imprisonment of many people Internment
A massive slaughter on a population, specifically the Jews Holocaust
Another name for a pocketbook printed by the council of books in wartime ASE
A Japanese aircraft loaded with explosives and making a deliberate suicidal crash on an enemy target Kamikaze
System of defense and fortifications built by Nazi Germany between along the coast of continental Europe and Scandinavia as a defense against an anticipated Allied invasion Atlantic Wall
Resistance expressed in action or argument Opposition
The action of getting rid of something or ending something Termination
Victories with no concessions accepted from your enemies Unconditional Surrender
The compensation for war damage paid by a defeated state Reparations
"A US operation to take down Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Operation Vengeance
The head leader of the Japanese Navy Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
"Actor in The Great Dictator and many other silent and sound films Charlie Chaplin
Attacks from US Servicemen against youth minorities in LA. Zoot Suit Riots
A baggy suit many youth minorities wore in the 1940s Zoot Suit
"Hispanic neighborhood next to the US military base in LA Barrio
The Japanese tortured the captive Americans and Filipinos by doing the following: exposure to the blazing sun, lack of food, lack of water, bayoneted and shot without warning, and beheaded Inhumane Japanese Treatment
An Allied invasion of Axis-led northern Africa to clear the Mediterranean Sea and gain cooperation from the French Army Operation Torch
"65 mile march unto which Japanese soldiers forced captive American and Filipino soldiers to suffer inhumane treatment Bataan Death March
The dead and dying were left on the side of the road, the strong were not permitted to help the weaker, and the soldiers would sometimes force the marchers to sit in the sun without water for hours Inhumane Japanese Treatment
First offensive campaign since the attack on Pearl Harbour; America wanted to protect Australia from Japan and Japan wanted to cut off Australia from America Guadalcanal
The root of Japan’s brutality lay in the Japanese attitude that a soldier should die before surrender Japanese Treatment
islands off of the coast of Australia Solomon Islands
A warrior's surrender meant the forfeiture of all rights to treatment as a human being Japanese Treatment
Guadalcanal, one of these islands, serves as a naval, army, and air base Solomon Islands
Created by: dsalvucci