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Which family type do functionalists view as ideal? The Nuclear Family
What is the title and year of Robert Murdock’s study? Universal Functions of Family (1949)
How many societies did Murdock study? 250
What did Murdock find in every society he studied? Some form of family- nuclear with 2 heterosexual parents and their children
What alterations to the nuclear family did Murdock acknowledge? Horizontal and vertical extensions
Why did Murdock think that families are good for society? He thinks they perform 4 vital functions
What are the 4 functions of a family according to Murdock? Sexual, economic, reproduction, education
Which theory does Robert Murdock support? Functionalism
Explain the sexual function of a family(Murdock) It allows family members to channel their sex drive into socially acceptable relationships.
Explain the educational function of a family(Murdock) They are the main agent of primary socialisation.
Explain the reproduction function of a family(Murdock) Most reproduction happens within a family
Explain the economic function of a family(Murdock) Families are either units of consumption or units of production.
Which theory does David Popenoe support? Functionalism- Neo-functionalism
Which year did David Popenoe do his study? 1996
What does Popenoe believe underpins the way a family is organised? Biological imperatives
What does Popenoe think we need to make in our society and what should it be based on? A new cultural script based on ‘biosocial reality’
Why does Popenoe think that some family types are less functional than the nuclear family? They aren’t based on the biological abilities and needs of human beings.
What does Popenoe think could happen to children from non-nuclear families? They could be damaged by their early childhood experiences
Which theory does Parsons support? Functionalism
What is the name and year of Parsons study? The Specialisation of Family Functions(1951)
What area does Parsons focus his study? Modern industrial societies
In preindustrial societies what is the purpose of a family? (Parsons) To provide and care for everyone within it.
During industrialisation what process happens?(Parsons) Structural differentiation
What is the name of the places which perform the old roles of a family?(Parsons) Specialised Institutions
How many functions does Parsons see the family as having in an industrial society? What are they? 2- the socialisation of children and the stabilisation of adult personalities
Where do children receive primary socialisation? (Parsons) Their parents and family
Why is the term personality factory used and who made it? Because parents mould the minds of their children - Parsons
What do children need to do to grow to fit into society? (Parsons) Internalise the norms and values
Which part of socialisation does Parsons see family as most important? Primary socialisation
What is the term warm bath used to show and who made the term? It is used to represent Parsons family function of stabilisation of adult personalities
Why does the stabilisation of adult personalities become important only in industrial societies? There is less support from extended family so couples rely on eachother more for emotional support
Why is the nuclear family important in industrial societies? (Parsons) It provides a safe haven for parents and children from the pressures of wider society
What is the benefit of nuclear families being heterosexual? (Parsons) It allows the husband and wife to have equal and complementary roles
Why is it good to have a small family in an industrial society? (Parsons) You can move with work
What is ascribed status? Status which is determined at birth
How is status achieved better in industrial societies? (Parsons) You don’t have the extended family holding you back
What type of theory is functionalism? Grand and consensus
What did functionalism help to do? Identify trends in industrialising societies
How do feminists view functionalism? Patriarchal
How is Parsons study out of date in terms of the role of women? It was written when most women didn’t work
What percentage of the UK workforce is female? 47
How do interactionslists view functionalism? Top down
What is structural differentiation? When people move into industrial societies they use a nuclear family because it is best fitted for the needs of the people
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