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The Jungle Review

author of the jungle upton sinclair
nationality of jurgis and family Lithuanian
metaphors of "human destiny"
foreshadowing in text when jurgis says he's glad he isn't a hog
jurgis's initial feelings regarding the meatpacking industry and how they change throughout his first feeling was that he was lucky and happy that he got a job and that it was great, he realizes that life isn't that great with the cold weather approaching and the bills and how corrupt everything is.
the inspectors (how/why) they fail at their jobs they fail because they're paid by the government to make sure that all the tuberculosis steer was marked, they were appointed by the workers
how jurgis and his family are tricked when it comes to purchasing their home they did not know about the used house and the interest
concept of graphting when someone uses a person for person gain through money or an incentive, when dede antanas is searching for a job
who rises in packingtown? people who exploit the workers
examples how some food is contaminated (what employers do and what bosses demand and how this contributes to less than ideal condition)? sometimes the meat is dropped on the floor and is picked right back up, people may die in the lard, and use pickle juice, baking soda, spices, or borax to hide the fact that the meat is spoiled and mix it up with good meat and is made into sausages
how does the saloon and liquor store owners take advantage of employees in packingtown? in order to cash in your check you have to purchase a drink or food in order to do so
what it "broken time"? if you came in 5 minutes early and began work, you would not get paid because you have to work a full hour.
juris's first injury and how he gets hurt intially? he sprained his ankle from moving out of the way of the loose steer, and the room is fogy, and foreman is trying to shoot the animals
"Prometheus bound"? it is an allusion. when jurgis is hurt, he is compared to prometheus. p gets punished eternally and is chained to a rock and a vulture eats his liver everyday. jurgis is mentally punished b/c he can't do anything to help w/ the family's expenses.
jurgis's joy in the world? his baby boy antanas
why does jurgis struggle to get work after he can't do his initial job any longer? he isn't as strong as he was, he's super skinny and malnourished
where does jurgis land his 2nd job and why is it considered a shameful job? how does his job give readers more insight into his personality and character? he gets a job at a fertilizer plant. it's considered horrible because it smells and causes sicknesses. this shows us he dedicated to do what ever to survive.
what is means by the packers "calling upon their chemistry department"? it means when the meat is spoiled they add borax, pickle juice, spices, baking soda, mixed with the other meat to cover up the fact that it's spoiled and they process it into sausages or other stuff
why does ona not come home one night, what's been going on and how is the corruption? she has been sleeping with her boss (phil connor) , her boss threatened if she doesn't sleep with him then he'll fire her and make sure the rest of the family won't be eligible for a job.
why does jurgis end up in jail the first time? he fights phil connor for forcing ona to sleep with him.
political corruption in packingtown and mike scully? the democratic party "boss" of the stockyards, he makes money from the housing situation from jurgis' family falls to, he rigs the elections and jurgis ends up working for him
what happens to the family when jurgis is thrown into jail? the family becomes evicted from their house, they're put into a boarding house
how is stanslovis killed? he drinks too much alcohol and falls asleep in the factory and gets locked in and he gets eaten by rats.
jurgis's political affiliation by the end of the novel? he ends up working for the Socialist party trying to make it the dominate party in Chicago
marija's job near end and why is she happy about it? she becomes a prostitute, she's happy with it because she's addicted to morphine and that's the only way she can get it and she can support the family from this job
4 examples of corruption/dishonesty 1) when the family is purchasing house 2) when marjia is hired for painting images on cans only because the women before her had a crippled son 3) when dede antanas searches for a job he has to give up 1/3 to hirer 4) when ona has the baby she has to work
pretense an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true. when the family is buying their house and the realtor doesn't tell them about mortgage.
guiless honest/ straightforward.
colloquy conversation/dialogue
menargerie a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition
perilous full of danger/risk. when jurgis get injured from the steer getting loose
parley discussion/conference (often between enemies/ 2 feuding sides). when meat inspectors are looking for tuberculosis and the workers distracted them by starting convos
requitted to make retaliation for a wrongdoing or injury; to avenge. when hogs are being slaughtered and jurgis wonders if there is a hog god.
auxiliary additional supplemental/reserve
dismayed to cause to feel worry/disappointed/upset
delegate a person designed to a task/responsibility to another person typically one who is less senior than oneself
consigned to put someone in a usually unpleasant place/situation/banish
grafted acquisition of money or gain/advantage by dishonesty/ through deceit/ fraud. when dede antanus tries to get a job the guy that helps him says he has to give him 1/3 of it,
sinister threatening/harmful
stolid unemotional/not easily stirred/moved mentally. when marjia is telling jurgis about how stanslovis died and how antanis drowned in a mud puddle
remorseless restless/continuing in a way that doesn't end cruel/ lacking sympathy
spectre a source of terror/ dread apparition/ ghost. when describing the cold when people are working
primeval of or relating to the 1st ages/ especially the world (ancient). when killing the hogs.
iron-claud very rigid/ inflexible. when the family is purchasing the house.
obstinate characterize by inflexible persistence or refusing to change/ or not yielding one's opinion. when jurgis gets injured, he wants to go back to work right away.
grope to feel about with the hands to search blindly. when jurgis is blinded by dust in fertilizer plant, and needs to find something.
how is jurgis like a hog pt 1 "they use everything but the squeal" they use jurgis until he can't give anything into the industry
how is jurgis like a hog pt 2 in a slaughter house there's a lot of hogs and the same goes for workers, they can replace him real quick
how is jurgis like a hog pt 3 before a pig gets slaughter it has to walk up a ramp and it doesn't know why it's going up there, that's the same with all the immigrant worker they walk into the meat packing industry not knowing what's ahead for them
why was chicago the ideal place for the meat packing industry? 1) it was central of everything 2) the ease of avality of meat for the troops 3) was 1 big stockyard b/c of horizontal intergration
the name of town where everything took place packingtown
what were slaughterhouses like? 1) large amount of immigrants (irish,german,lituanian) 2) known for overworking employees 3) no safety precautions
what did teddy rooselvelt do? passed the Pure Food & Drug Test of 1906 and Meat Inspection Act of 1906
henery ford was known for this assembly lines
Created by: Meili21
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