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6th SS Ch 3 Sec 1

6th grade social studies Chapter 3 section 1

Renaissance means Rebirth
Made the printing press Johannes Gutenberg
Printing press made book printing Faster
Riches are Silk and spices
Prince Henry is the prince of Portugal
The science of planning and following a route Navigation
Long narrow ship that could carry many good and travel quickly Caravel
Prince Henry was also called The Navigator
Prince Henry hired people to Create Better Maps
Prince Henry ordered scientists to improve the Compass and the astrolabe
Position of the moon, stars and sun = Latitude
An astronomical instrument for taking the altitude of the sun or stars Astrolabe
Prince Henry ordered expeditions to search for sea routes from Portugal to Asia
Expeditions are are Exploring trips
Prince Henry believed the most direct route was around Africa across Indian ocean to Asia
The only way to reach Asia from Portugal The Silk Road
The Silk Road was an ancient land route between China and Italy
Who often traveled the Silk Road? Marco Polo
Asia was known as the Indies
Lands ruled by a nation that won control over them Empires
Most people didn't realize that there were more continents like Europe, Asia and Africa
Risks of exploration Ships could skink and find nothing of value
Benefit of exploration Riches
Who supports Christopher Columbus's expeditions King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
What did Columbus promise as a result of his expedition? Spread the Catholic beliefs
3 ships in Columbus' fleet Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria
Columbus leaves Spain in August 1492 with how many sailors? 90
How long was Columbus as sea with no sight of land? 2 months
During Columbus' expedition the weather changed and he saw what? Birds
How many miles did Columbus travel? 4,100
Where did Christopher Columbus land? San Salvador
When Columbus reached land where did he think he was? Asia, in the Indies
What did Columbus call the first people he saw when he found land? Indians
Why did Columbus call the first people Indians? He thought he landed in the Indies
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