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Progressive Era

Chapter 7

The Jungle book write by Upton Sinclair which exposed the abuses of the meat packing industry
Jacob Riis Wrote How the Other Half Lives, which included pictures of horrible life the immigrants lived in the tenements.
Ida. B Wells organized a nation wide anti-lynching campaign, bringing to light the lack of justice for African-American citizens
Muckrakers Group of investigative writers, and journalists that exposed abuses in industry and government
W.E.B. Du Bois African- American Community Leader, founded the NAACP, felt the community should demand their right immediately
Jane Adams created settlement houses for poor immigrants which helped to educated and provide basic necessities
Booker T. Washington Felt African-Americans should seek rights and equality through education and job training, not by demanding rights
Progressive Movement a major reform movement which sought to address the problems caused by urbanization and industrialization
16th Amendment creates a federal income tax
17th Amendment The people directly elect the National senators
Populist Party Platform national income tax, unlimited coinage of silver, direct election of US senators
Social Gospel Movement Sought to end social problems like poverty, alcoholism, child labor, wanted safer worker conditions
Recall elected officials can be removed from office by the people
Referendum Voters can compel legislators to put a bill on the ballot
Initiative Voters could directly introduce a bill, and vote on passing it
Interstate Commerce Act regulated railroad rates which helped farmers
President Wilson's New Freedom Program sought to control business practices, promote greater competition, lower tariff rates
President Roosevelt's Square Deal Program protect public health, break up trusts, conserve natural forests, parks and wildlife
Pure food and Drug Act regulated the preparation of foods and the sale of medicine
Meat Inspection Act provided government inspection of meat
Temperance Movement social movement aimed at reducing or banning alcohol
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 1911 led to 140 deaths of garment workers, and led safety regulations for workers
National Park Service Federal agency which supervises national parks and monuments
Federal Reserve Created a nation banking system to help stabilize the banking system
Bull Moose Party Teddy Roosevelt's third party, progressive party in 1912 split the Republican Party